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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 7, 2011
  • The Kiboomers! Relaxing Music. Sleeping music for children.★Get this album on iTunes: our ‘Calming Music for Children' video and de-stress!SUBSCRIBE to Kiboomu Kids Songs Youtube Channel:"Relaxation music for babies "| "Relaxation music for studying" | "Calming Music for Children" | "Concentration Music" | "Music for Learning" SONG TRACKS:1. Summer Rain2. Lotus Flower3. Tiny Dancer4. Astral Journey5. Memories6. On A Summer Day7. Stars8. Emerald Green9. Rain Forest10. Awaken11. Light12. Quiet Resolve


  • android3000 ._.  2 years ago


  • EarRape Tunez  4 years ago

    My favroite song to listen to in pecful

  • Brittany Sierra  5 years ago

    Omg this worked for me and my little brother . Thanks for this OMG I'm sleepy now

  • Charlotte T  5 years ago

    I get stressed very easily and I listened to this as I wen to sleep and it really helped and not it's the morning I feel all calm and happy! Xx

  • ok  4 years ago

    I got a hack message hopefully this will calm me.. :) <3

  • Doreen Winch  4 years ago

    This worked now I yawning :o

  • Glad that it calms you, sondre.

  • SpankingHotBurrito  5 years ago

    Wow im not a child and it calms me. I gort some anger prblems and when I hear dis I cry and I are reminded of my fathers father and cry but is nice crying.

  • Naomi Maher  3 years ago

    It was very good it's just calm I fell asleep when I was having my tea

  • Naomi Maher  3 years ago

    Just calm got me asleep 10 seconds eating my tea

  • Great to hear, Charlie!