Angle Kit for Drifting Explained - Installing it on our e36 Project

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Season 1: Drift and Grip

    Danger Dan begins installing two of the more fun parts you can put on a drift car: a hoon stick (aka hydro handbrake) and an angle kit, focusing on the drift aspect of our drift/grip e36 project.

    Brought to you by Edelbrock USA.

    52LB Compact Style Fuel Injectors - (Part number: 15907)
    Cross-Ram Intake Manifold (Black) - (Part number: 71413)
    Fuel Rails for Cross Ram Intake Manifold - (Part number: 3654)
    Hydraulic Roller Camshaft (.631" lift, 114-degree lobe separation - Part number: 2219)
    E-CNC LS3 Heads - (Part number: 61319)
    Two-Piece aluminum timing cover - (Part number: 4254)
    Two-Piece Water Pump - (Part number: 8896)
    Billet Water Pump Pulley - (Part number: 8898)
    RPM-Link Timing chain set - (Part number: 7343)
    Ford 289-302 Pushrod 7.700" - (Part number: 9659)

    GM LS3 Valve Covers (Part number: 12637684)

    Pedal Assembly, Forward MT, HD, 6.25:1 Adjustable, Triple M/C (Part number: 340-11295)
    Front brake Master cylinder Kit, M/C, Compact Remote, 3/4in. w/ Reservoir (Part number: 260-10372)
    Rear brake master cylinder KIT, M/C, Compact Remote, 7/8in. w/ Reservoir (Part number: 260-10374)
    Remote Brake Bias Adjuster (Part number: 340-4990)
    Clutch master cylinder Kit, M/C, Compact Remote, 3/4 in. w/ Reservoir (Part number: 260-10372)
    Brake Fluid, EXP600 PLUS, 6-PK (Part number: 290-8478)
    Handbrake Assembly, 11:1 Ratio Vertical (Part number: 340-14769)

    Factory GM Crankshaft (Part number: 12588614)
    SDPC Racechop - LS1 346 Piston Quick Kit. (Part number: SD3461KP2)

    SCAT -
    Set of LS1 SCAT H-Beam Rods (Part number: 66100945)

    E36 LS1 - Complete Stage 0 Kit
    E36 LS1 - Drop-In Fuel Pump Kit

    Street Extreme Camaro '98-'02: 12.0 x 1.1250 x 26 Spline w Steel Flywheel (Part number: 75323)

    Rear trailing arm bushing kit (Part number: PFR5-3608Bx2)
    Rear subframe front and rear bushings (Part number: PF-E36-REAR-SUBFRAME-STREET-KIT)
    Differential front & rear bushings (Part number: PFR5-325X, black series)
    Adjustable rear lower control arms (Part number: 100.33.536.0002)
    Rear control arm outer/upper bearing set (Part number: 100.33.536.0008)
    Rear control arm outer/lower bearing set (Part number: 100.33.536.0009)

    DS Series Coilover 3 Series BMW E36 (Part number: I-26-DS)

    BMW 188 Axle - E30 / E36 325i, M3 USA, E36/7 M Coupe/Roadster (Part number: 30.309.150WK)

    BMW E36 Sport Sway Bar Set (Part number: 22835)

    HURST -
    Camaro Firebird V8 Billet Plus Shifter BW T56 Trans (Part number: 3915060 )

    NRG -
    Quick Release (Part number: SRK-200BK)
    Short Hub Adapter (Part number: SRK-E36H)

    Axle Rebuild - The Driveshaft Shop -

    Tory - Chuki Beats
    Instrumental produced by Chuki

    Gambino - Chuki Beats
    Instrumental produced by Chuki

    Choices - Chuki Beats
    Instrumental produced by Chuki

    Diplomat - Chuki Beats
    Instrumental produced by Chuki

    Tarantino - Chuki Beats
    Instrumental produced by Chuki

    Scorpion - Chuki Beats
    Instrumental produced by Chuki


  • Hoonigan Bonus  (Aug 8, 2018))

    What should we build on Season 2 of Knuckle Busters? Got to start planning now!

  • chooch  (Dec 31, 2018))

    buget build a ls engine something anyone can do but enough of a budget where the engine is a safe build and making real power in other words build an engine with out using sponsor parts only reason I say that is because average guy cant spend that much for good quality parts. it's just something that will give viewers confidence when they see something built right and with budget parts

  • DOOMCr3w  (Sep 13, 2018))

    Make a p71 super engine for 1/4 mile in what ever frame youd want, id love to see a franken galant, 02 03 was best body

  • Hoonigan  (Aug 8, 2018))

    What's your favorite part about the Knuckle Busters build so far? Other than Dan. Because obviously #1 thing is Dan.

  • Jeremy Sexton  (Aug 22, 2018))

    Dan keeps it relevant to the garage builder. Anyone with a shop can do everything on a lift with the best tools available. Dan makes sure to show it the way the rest of us have to work....sometimes on the floor or on a table. Keep it up.

  • GrumpyBadger117  (Aug 18, 2018))

    Dan is love, Dan is life

  • DaGrumpz  (Aug 8, 2018))

    I really like how you guys have shown a little behind the scenes with some of the companies you are working with like Wilwood and Edelbrock. However of course Dan is the best part of this series and I'm really happy he's a part of your team at Hoonigan. Keep up the great work guys this car is going to be sick!

  • Dylan Miller  (Aug 8, 2018))

    I agree, I think Dan is perfect for these types of videos. Keep up the great work guys

  • Matthew Ellena  (Aug 8, 2018))

    And all work comes to a stop in the office. best show period.

  • Scrublord Florbus  (Aug 8, 2018))

    Love this series. Dan is a fantastic teacher and is great at explaining things. Really helps expand my car knowledge.

  • Carlton Banks  (Aug 8, 2018))

    No hate, but Dan is a good teacher if you already know what he is talking about. Some of the stuff that gets glossed over could be the gap between someone understanding, and it becoming white noise. For example @ 12:08 dan could have explained how the control arm is oriented in the car, and how that bend actually stops it from spoiling on the wheel, context is everything.An example of someone who has vast knowledge and is brilliant at explaining things is Al (Turbo Yoda) from MCM/Skid Factory. He giv...

  • Still cant believe we're getting this for free. Amazing stuff

  • Christian Towse  (Aug 8, 2018))

    The worst part about this show is that I have to wait so damn long to see the next part! I just wanna watch it all right now please!

  • Jacob Walls  (Aug 8, 2018))

    Christian Towse Netflix-style dump, huh?

  • HIDDEN AGENDA  (Aug 8, 2018))

    Probably my favorite series currently airing. Dan is a dope dude showing the young'ns how to sling wrenches and shit before they sling rubber. Great content, broham.

  • HIDDEN AGENDA  (Aug 9, 2018))

    Dan has had his license more than 10 minutes. You'd be surprised how many people I slide with that haven't had their license long enough to take their whip to the bar to cat call on hood rats. At this point, I [and possibly Dan] probably feel like we're coming up on the age where shitting our pants is acceptable again very soon.

  • Matthew Ellena  (Aug 8, 2018))

    Wait Dan isnt a young'n? Dam feeling old.

  • tired hero  (Aug 8, 2018))

    this and unprofessionals are the best series in my eyes

  • jasouthouse94  (Aug 8, 2018))

    8:16 By the power of greyskull the fab daddy gods are among us