Datsun 240z restoration time lapse.

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 8, 2018
  • Time lapse video of the restoration of our 1971 Datsun 240z. Photo gallery here
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    Music from the album "Chasing Midnight" by Moog here:

    Tracks including:
    Chasing Midnight (feat. Erin Renee)
    All in Your Mind
    Giving up on Time (feat. Julz)
    We Were Young (feat. Arc En Ciel)
    Forever (feat. Katia Fuscaldo)


  • Massage
    Massage  4 days ago


  • Amr Elhawary
    Amr Elhawary  7 days ago

    Very very good work

  • unkkel kesseli
    unkkel kesseli  14 days ago +1

    my summer car in real life even the freakin music lines up

  • Sean Rose
    Sean Rose  14 days ago

    Impressive build my friend. It looks amazing and worth every minute.

  • Charlie Sipe
    Charlie Sipe  14 days ago

    What was the total cost??

  • bgdavenport
    bgdavenport  1 months ago

    Staggering restoration. You basically replaced almost every part of the car...piece by piece. But, that's a great car to restore!

  • Restoration, renovation & conversion

    well done!
    inspirational video for us

  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson  1 months ago

    great sheet metal work.

  • Chewy ToeNails
    Chewy ToeNails  2 months ago

    I don't know what is more beautiful here? The Car(obviously), the craftsmanship and hard work, or this man that did this. Outstanding!

  • Ian Drake
    Ian Drake  2 months ago +1

    anyone else get sad towards the end?

  • Eliseo Rafael Mata Ramirez

    Excelente trabajo

  • Zalvar Carl Lopez
    Zalvar Carl Lopez  3 months ago +1

    wow. was watching and realized that i recognize the music.

  • Joe Irvine
    Joe Irvine  3 months ago

    So, you did a complete frame off restoration and didn't completely seal and paint everything? Why? Why?

    You went through and did all the hard work and skipped the easy seal and paint all the parts. I stopped watching as soon as you started to put it together. Sad, would have been great..

  • Doberman Prince
    Doberman Prince  3 months ago +1

    Try 2xspeed

  • NC car guy
    NC car guy  3 months ago

    There's two in my town if only I knew how to restore a car

  • Zoes Dada
    Zoes Dada  3 months ago

    Think you have enough ads? You didn't show any of the work on the engine? Fuck this.

  • Skiddy
    Skiddy  3 months ago

    How do you find cars like this?

  • Rollin' High
    Rollin' High  3 months ago +2


    DO MY CAR NEXT! this one looks like it came straight from the junkyard, and you made it look brand new!

  • max matsudo
    max matsudo  3 months ago +1

    Mad skill!!

  • Arild Olsen
    Arild Olsen  3 months ago +1

    Nice work! I like people that repair instead of just change the broken part!! By the way, what is the song called in the first minutes?