Datsun 240z restoration time lapse.

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 8, 2018
  • Time lapse video of the restoration of our 1971 Datsun 240z. Photo gallery here us on Instagram @Rally240 Facebook @TargaCar497See the first drive video here out our website at Music from the album "Chasing Midnight" by Moog here: including:Chasing Midnight (feat. Erin Renee)All in Your MindGiving up on Time (feat. Julz)We Were Young (feat. Arc En Ciel)Forever (feat. Katia Fuscaldo)


  • Ed Jack  1 years ago

    I'm glad there are people like this in the world

  • stupid 8 year old  3 months ago

    @Andrius4ajgmt umm it's obvious they are restoring beautifull dying classics I would rather see this on the road than a new car

  • slow motion  7 months ago

    Was thinkin' the same... they make the world a more beautiful place... always a pleasure watching a car like that drive around.

  • meyaw Abdulaziz  a years ago

    super saved what would most restorers call beyond saving....because it is alot of work....another life was written for this one....

  • Alexis 200SX  1 months ago

    They call it "beyond saving" not only because of a lot of work. Non-factory welding in such amount and spots make it dangerous to drive on roads. It can fall apart in minor car accident and become dust in a high speed accident. That is why such cars better to stay static

  • x  a years ago

    I’m glad it wasn’t the power point slide type video 😭

  • titmusspaultpaul5  7 months ago

    Lol... it felt like it went on forever. I love these sort of videos but wow that was boring. And the music designed for 13 year old girls didn't help... but GREAT restoration and beautiful car. Very well done.

  • Donald J. Trump  9 months ago


  • I love the 240, but man do they rust. Good job on the repairs dude!

  • GDrift  1 years ago

    Great work and mightycarmods style music made it even better

  • MarioLoco03  9 months ago

    Moog makes all the MCM songs

  • CDC 67  9 months ago

    Worst music ever. Scrubbed thru

  • Jim Clarke  1 years ago

    Excellent job, great car

  • Rally240  11 months ago

    To answer some of the more common questions, the car isn’t quite finished yet but there will be another video of the completed car and perhaps the first drive. The music is by Moog from Mighty Car Mods and is used in accordance with their usage policy. The only donor part from another car is the RH rear quarter panel, all other repair panels are either reproduction parts or fabricated from scratch and the donor car parts helped save at least two other cars. The car is being rebuilt to standard specs fr...

  • At my dorm at UCLA in 1972 there was a millionaire's daughter named Jamie Superstein, I think, that had this same car in same color with white wall tires and brand new. Not sure about the wheels, maybe mags? Both she and the car were pure eye candy. Her sister was a specimen too playing classical piano in a tank top with "little grapefruits" underneath. Really.

  • Baptiste Giraud  7 months ago


  • MotorScotti  11 months ago

    That is some serious work you put in there! Great job! :-)

  • feras hdaib  9 months ago

    this is not restoration, he just has built a new car !!!!!!!!!!

  • Rena W  5 months ago

    Oh boo hoo

  • Mr. Marmot  7 months ago

    @PompeyMatt17 pretty sure that was meant to be a compliment

  • uscar17  1 years ago

    What a tremendous amount of work you did ! From what I could see in the beginning, the car was pretty rough and I assume most people would have used it for parts, the work you had to do on the body is insane ! Congrats you really did a great job.

  • Izzy B  5 months ago

    Oneofdazzz terrible corrosion control however... insulation was entirely inadequate as well but he did a fantastic job correcting both

  • uscar17  11 months ago

    They sure can, but that took quite a lot of will, with such a huge amount of work