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  • Published on:  Monday, February 19, 2018
  • JFK SECRET SOCIETIES SPEECH (FULL VERSION)...Q TOLD US TO LISTEN TO THIS CLOSELY! to our Twitter account: STAR SPANGLED BANNER. AS YOU'VE NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE: SENATE MKULTRA INVESTIGATION DOC (LINKED BY Q): connect on Discord, feel free to join the Rudyland Discord server: (note: this is NOT the live chat server, but has some of the same people and is all about Q/CBTS)QCODEFAG GITHUB CLONE (alternate when qcodefag not working): OUR VOAT! BACKUP IF SUBREDDIT/YT TAKE US DOWN: ABOUT RUTH BADER GINSBURG!: Trafficking in Persons Report: OF RESIGNATIONS/RETIREMENTS/DEATHS/ETC. (UP TO DATE! THIS IS THE MOTHERLODE, FOLKS!) check all of the tabs at the top!: OF DEAD MEDICAL RESEARCHERS/SCIENTISTS: REDACTED VERSION OF GRASSLEY DOCUMENT: ANTHONY BLUNT / ROTHSCHILD / CHILD ABUSE connection: MEMO: FISC Memo Opinion Order: Dossier: Hillary Rodham Clinton e-mails: SILSBY/HAITI: LIVE LINK: CHANNEL (CBTS Stream): TO THE SUBREDDIT: (aggregates all Q posts from very beginning):"BE LOUD.BE HEARD.""BUILDING THE ARMY.Not convinced this is spreading?You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY.TOGETHER you are STRONG.APART you are weak.THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED.THEY WANT RACE WARS.THEY WANT CLASS WARS.THEY WANT RELIGIOUS WARS.THEY WANT POLITICAL WARS.THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED!LEARN!FOR GOD & COUNTRY - LEARN!STAY STRONG.STAY TOGETHER.FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT.This is more important than you can imagine."This is a project I have been tossing around for couple weeks, and something I am VERY excited about.Essentially, what this is, is a 24 hour, 7 days a week, live streaming platform for YOU ALL TO "BE HEARD."This stream will run around the clock, streaming from special voice & text channels on the subreddit Discord server (invite link to the Discord is in the Sidebar on the right side of the subreddit). Approved, trusted members of the Discord who have proven themselves to be mature, trustworthy, serious, dedicated researchers/individuals will be assigned the appropriate permission role on the Discord server that allows them to enter and use the 24/7 Voice & Text channels.If you are not a member of the discord, sign up and get to know the community. If you would like to becoming a contributing member to this livestream, make yourself a valuable contributor and show the community they can trust you to represent this movement appropriately!**ATTENTION: THE VIEWS EXPRESSED HERE, BY THOSE YOU HEAR SPEAKING AND SEE TYPING ON THIS LIVESTREAM, BELONG ONLY TO THOSE ESPOUSING THEM. NO ONE OF US SPEAKS FOR ANY OTHER...EACH PERSON ON THIS STREAM SPEAKS ***ONLY*** FOR HIMSELF OR HERSELF.**


  • Jama Borgus
    Jama Borgus  a years ago +2

    That's an old pic from awhile ago.

  • teleroi
    teleroi  a years ago +5


  • Barb Boca
    Barb Boca  a years ago +2

    ??? Is anyone else having trouble finding the new Q posts under any of the usual places or just me?

    UK MEDIA  a years ago +2

    keep an eye on blackfriars Bridge London.

  • helen edgar
    helen edgar  a years ago +4

    ya gotta love the trump train caboose with an AJ engine attached - love to all in the GOOD fight

  • Keith L
    Keith L  a years ago

    The initial pic is a warning of the CLOUD ACT secretly added to the fiscal spending bill just signed. Loophole to spy!!!

  • micyest estes
    micyest estes  a years ago

    Thie screen said this might not be appropriate for some people..,on my tabjet now.,glow typ' n ., possible buku errors..,lol

  • Lydia Guerra
    Lydia Guerra  a years ago

    Chemtrails f n back

  • Mister Pfister Ayna Lee

    Why are all Qs channels down in the UK......high strangeness as usual!! Btw does anyone know about “BlueWhale”?. A suicide game finding its way mainstream? Thanks in advance 👍🏻

  • polly vance
    polly vance  a years ago

    a loud, deep, resonant sound.
    "the deep boom of the bass drum"
    synonyms: reverberation, resonance, thunder, echoing, crashing, drumming, pounding, roar, rumble, explosion
    "the boom of the thunder"
    make a loud, deep, resonant sound.

  • micyest estes
    micyest estes  a years ago

    That's perfect!

  • Max_ Breeze
    Max_ Breeze  a years ago

    How does someone get on the discord to join the talk abby

  • Jamie Lake-Boyd
    Jamie Lake-Boyd  a years ago

    Havent been on anything for awhile

  • The Still Report
    The Still Report  a years ago +3

    This is Bill Still (aka: William T. Still) What going on?

  • Robert Walter
    Robert Walter  a years ago

    Corsi is only Our brother

  • Shellb
    Shellb  a years ago

    ??? 1913 ....Federal Reserve Creation maybe

  • Jamie Lake-Boyd
    Jamie Lake-Boyd  a years ago +1

    What the heck! one channel everyone all excited asking for trump prayers now its florida skys

  • The Still Report
    The Still Report  a years ago

    I don't know how this works, but it looks interesting.

  • The Royal Road to Heaven

    Is dr Corsi goinfre toi décode todays drops?

  • Jamie Lake-Boyd
    Jamie Lake-Boyd  a years ago

    Good. Its his turn to be pissed