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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 2, 2017
  • First 500 people get a 2 month free trial of Skillshare: Box: ***Click "SHOW MORE" For Links*** Cubis Kingdoms (0:23)iOS: Android: Snipers VS Thieves (0:59)iOS: Android: Galaga Wars (1:47)iOS: Android: The Guides Axiom (2:39)iOS: Android: Data Wing (3:17)iOS: Android:***CREDITS***Hosted byJake RoperWritten and Edited byHannah Canetti( VFX byEric Langlay( by Jake Chudnow(***VSAUCE LINKS***Vsauce1:


  • D!NG
    D!NG  a years ago +168

    Hello.  Hope I didn't wake you APP!!!!!  Sorry if now you're laughing so hard you can't even focus on the video.

  • MadE
    MadE  a years ago +111

    The inappropriately shaped character is a finger ... a god damn finger.

  • Caitlin Haley
    Caitlin Haley  a years ago +29

    the "inappropriately shaped character" at 1:11 is literally just a thumb? It even has the print ridges on its face?

  • Dylan Truong
    Dylan Truong  a years ago +106

    'Member when Lut and dong was on the Vsauce 1 channel? I MEMBER...

  • Haris Ali
    Haris Ali  a years ago +29

    Try Atomas, its an epic mobile game.

  • Mit Whit Gaming
    Mit Whit Gaming  a years ago +49

    Oh, look at the time.Its time to download more games! 😂

  • promontorium
    promontorium  a years ago +5

    Apps aren't something I can Do Online Now, Guys.

  • SpektralJo
    SpektralJo  a years ago +16

    The guides Axiom is such a good game. I discovered it like yesterday.

  • Nathan Boehm
    Nathan Boehm  a years ago +9

    2:35 "you can pick up a whole bunch of coins" gets all 3 coins

  • ash G.
    ash G.  a years ago +3

    please put the new dong back up i wasn't finished watching :( Also, you should put more cool things than games on these. I liked the addition of the seasonal food guide.

  • Nash Shults
    Nash Shults  a years ago +2

    is dongers a term now? I'll have you know, sonny, I use to raise my donger all the time back in the day

  • RiGiDx SPiRiT
    RiGiDx SPiRiT  a years ago +3

    Yep donger is a word made by G18 from Speedy and them

  • Austin Roush
    Austin Roush  a years ago +3

    Data wing is SOOOOOOOO good

  • Nic-Nak Paddywhack
    Nic-Nak Paddywhack  a years ago +1

    The Snipers VS Theives one is a thumb..

  • Himanshu
    Himanshu  a years ago +2

    Mobile games/apps started the curse. The Microtransactions !

  • Gibran, le prince des câlins

    I didn't know The Guide Axiom and Data Wing are in a App All Knight episode! (I like a lot this two game)

  • RubikSolver1028
    RubikSolver1028  a years ago +5

    How did you guys know? I download, played, and completed The Guides Axiom 2 weeks ago......

  • Kalei
    Kalei  a years ago +3

    The Guides is infuriating, I tried to play it and it was one of the hardest games I’ve ever attempted. Good luck to all who try!!!

  • MattyFez
    MattyFez  a years ago +4

    Bring back the action figures

  • Xero 125
    Xero 125  a years ago

    I had already tried The Guides Axiom and Data Wing. I'm faster hehe.