All Signs!! Weekend forecast 😛🥳🥶

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 5, 2019


  • Mary Lee
    Mary Lee  1 months ago +411

    🐏 Aries 1:15
    🐮 Taurus 8:24
    🔆 Gemini 15:21
    🦀 Cancer 20:15
    🦁 Leo 25:34
    🌷 Virgo 31:51
    Take 2 What was that. 33:55
    ⚖ Libra 37:50
    🦂 Scorpio 43:14
    🏹 Saggie 49:24
    🐐 Cappie 54:27
    💨 Aqua 59:49
    🐠 Pisces 01:05:20

    HEIBAOSHEN  1 months ago +28

    40:54 I'd rather watch a tarot reader that gives it to me straight instead of those ones that are like "Oh big channges and your soul mate ship is coming in, and the angels THE ANGELS!".

  • Lunadog
    Lunadog  1 months ago +23

    You deserve a lot more subscribers than you have man

  • Kayla Holmes
    Kayla Holmes  1 months ago +39

    “Train yourself not to focus on negativity” needed’re awesome 🙏🏾

  • Tiffani Oglen
    Tiffani Oglen  1 months ago +45

    Someone said your readings are negative? As if you can control the cards😂😂😂yea just stop watching

  • Michelle Pratte
    Michelle Pratte  1 months ago +17

    Libra here. I’ve already started letting go. Thank you for the reading

  • Stephanie Larson Ashworth
    Stephanie Larson Ashworth  1 months ago +18

    Damnit!! This Scorpio doesn’t like the message one damn bit but you are 100% correct and I always prefer the truth, however harsh. Thank you Rich!

  • Keish Johnson
    Keish Johnson  1 months ago +4

    Ur sooo awesome I love ur personality and humor, keeps me happy and uplifted!

  • Aries 11:11
    Aries 11:11  1 months ago +2

    I totally love the way in which you read those cards..besides being spot ON and witty. Thank you so much. Love and Light!

  • Margery Marcelino
    Margery Marcelino  1 months ago +2

    Aquarius reading on point! I told my past life soul mate Scorpio to F off last week! I blocked him on all levels including telepathically! Thx Rich!

  • Sarah M.
    Sarah M.  1 months ago +3

    I love your voices... ammagawd m laughing so hard😂😂💞

  • R8ch Always
    R8ch Always  1 months ago +1

    Depends on your definition of negative. I am pleased to know he is going to move on. For me that is really positive 🤗 The new cycle can then begin. ❤❤❤❤
    Thank you for your candour ❤❤

  • Rocky C
    Rocky C  1 months ago +11

    Aqua reading on point but roles reversed with virgo happened last mercury retrograde... im not reaching out cause im not trying to start a cycle in this retrograde!! NOPE!!

  • Melissa Ventura
    Melissa Ventura  1 months ago +9

    Thank you Rich- This libra is done with relationships right now- time for some peace & quite. 😁

  • WebzyWongie 90
    WebzyWongie 90  1 months ago +2

    Yesterday , i went to the beach for the 4 of july it was such a needed treat for me . Yes felt abandon from friends but it was a wake up call to focus on loving myself and focus on the postive side.

  • Audrey Daniel
    Audrey Daniel  1 months ago +9

    Libra here... Call it a negative reading if you'd like, but it's all good in my book. ❤ Love your readings and your vibe.

  • Clouds
    Clouds  1 months ago +10

    @Mary Lee ...thank you for time stamping the zodiac signs for ever vid mama!!!! You are truly appreciated 🥰🖤🦋


    Darn! I missed it. Thank you for the readings🙌🙏💜🔮

  • December Lady
    December Lady  1 months ago +11

    Sag Nation here sooo true...SICK of waiting. I was betrayed walked away yet tryed to give person a chance to get it right but how i feel now..IM OUT!

  • Shewa Yasin
    Shewa Yasin  1 months ago +37

    Crazy Virgo reading but so accurate! Ty ((:♍️:)) 31:51