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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 12, 2018
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    In today's video, we take a look at a couple of strange vlogs made by a family that probably doesn't realize how bad what they're doing is. Let's talk about it.

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  • Brown Video Productions

    i spent 100 mil on fortnite, my parents are still in debt, plz send money to get us out of debt.

    HANNAH HALL  7 hours ago

    Lmao a fortnite ad came on as soon as the video ended

  • Jackson Barinowski

    Fortnite kids make me want to actually die

  • jessica sweet
    jessica sweet  14 hours ago

    the little blonde boy looks like ryan trahan🥺😂

  • Pink Spider
    Pink Spider  17 hours ago

    Idk why this is a reason to stop ur scroll but at 10:25 the username is Salem Salem. I speak that language

  • cisreP ajleRajlRelJ boii

    I like trains

  • Miezi Antonio
    Miezi Antonio  yesterday

    “I like trains”

  • 111 111
    111 111  yesterday

    i setp 800 quadrillion daollars on my mums cadeit kard without dem noig, thae nuked mie houze

  • Ra ven
    Ra ven  yesterday

    Its sad coz they are making the older kid a good liar

  • Rachel
    Rachel  yesterday

    When you could see the dad in the tv screen 😐😂😭

  • devon thomas
    devon thomas  2 days ago

    i’ve never spent money on any credit card because i’m not an idiot. and i like my parents and family. and i have a brain

  • Max Clausen
    Max Clausen  2 days ago +1

    kids: credit card just gets free stuff

    me (also a kid): gets credit card at 12 and only spends money once a month and saves the rest for college

  • Coll 44
    Coll 44  2 days ago

    Holy shit these people suck

  • iStutter
    iStutter  2 days ago

    17:12 did anyone notice his earbuds weren’t connected to anything?

  • Scott Harvey
    Scott Harvey  2 days ago

    I like trains

  • Scott Harvey
    Scott Harvey  2 days ago

    I like trains

  • yeehaw berao
    yeehaw berao  2 days ago

    i’m gay

  • Wolfe 7000
    Wolfe 7000  3 days ago

    This whole thing just mad me think of the move Blank Check...

  • Ellie Ward
    Ellie Ward  3 days ago

    I like trains

  • Youdonotcare
    Youdonotcare  3 days ago

    But does the card actually work
    Apperantly not