Relaxing Music for Stress Relief. Calm Music for Meditation, Sleep, Healing Therapy, Spa

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 17, 2018
  • Meditation Relax Music Channel presents a Relaxing Music Video with peaceful music for deep meditation, music therapy or to fall asleep fast. This relaxing composition can be used as Deep Meditation Music, Music for Yoga and Pilates , Music for Massage , Spa Music. Also this music is perfect as dream music, Healing music, Study Music, Sleep Music and music for the complete Relaxation ITUNES


  • Hello Dear Friends. Thanks for watching. Enjoy the video, thumbs ups, post comments and Have a perfect relaxation !Music: 'Spiritual Cleansing' is available at:

  • Rajesh Shukla  14 days ago

    Meditation Relax Music o

  • Rajesh Shukla  14 days ago

    Richard Pisano oo

  • DripzzyDripz  4 months ago

    Stop looking at the comment and *relax*

  • Alexis Cristobal  6 days ago

    You too y’all need too calm down

  • Ang Z  14 days ago

    DripzzyDripz true

  • Nolimit Clan  yesterday

    Really helped me out with my kung fu practice at home now I’m a 5th degree black belt and it helped me meditate

  • Benn Ando  2 months ago

    Did you know that if you smile you can't breathe?Just kidding i wanted to make everyone that is reading this comment smile and be happy😊

  • Pretty Dee H  9 days ago

    Benn Ando thank you

  • Francesco Rullo  9 days ago

    Thank you my friend ❣️ I needed it

  • Put your health in top than everything else! There is no thing as having a happy life with no stress. Don't focus more on studies than your health. Don't focus on successes at exams or finding a good job that pays well than your health. Because you end up polluting it. Live your life to the fullest as you can and don't measure it. Much love to you all❤️

  • John Brice  8 months ago

    What's the point of stress? What purpose does it serve in our lives? Why do we have stress when we know that it slowly kills us from the inside out? Can't we just stop stressing each other out and enjoy life while we still have it? I want to enjoy life and not have stress anymore. Go away stress. Go away stress. Go away stress.

  • Victor Filipi  3 days ago

    I agree

  • TheItalianFun  4 days ago

    It's all related to survival and reproductive instincts back to the cave age? Have y'all been to middle school?

  • I just had a stressful day after school today and at night i could NOT get to sleep so i put on thus music-fell asleep almost instantly and i am NOT even kidding

  • 0:10-0:50 wow this is amazing music 0:50-3:00:00 😴😴😴💤💤💤 sleep... Good nightFor more experience listen it with Headset 🙂🙃🙂

  • Isabella Zelisca  6 months ago

    Who's reading the comments when there supposed to go to sleep?

  • Alexis Cristobal  6 days ago

    I’m barely aweke

  • Pretty Dee H  9 days ago

    No we not supposed to go to sleep .

  • 10 years ago I lived with anxiety and panic attacks near to all days. Now I am good, but I got stuck this past 2 days on depersonalization, panic attack and anxiety, although I know techniques It was hard. I overcome it meditating for 20 minutes and listening to this music, repeating my self the good thing about me. For all of you guys having the same feelings, its not for ever, you are not in danger this is just a phase. Don’t fight it, just listen this music, breath very deeply and repeat yourself t...

  • Newbie637  17 days ago

    How do you exactly meditate? I need help because my GERD gives me anxiety.

  • Olivia Zapp  1 months ago

    Jose Antonio Amieva Cardoso be carfullll sister just bye the way I’m just saying sister so ya 😂 I