This Is What A Healthy Disagreement Looks Like

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 17, 2018
  • This content is taken from Russell Brand's Under The Skin Podcast with Jordan Peterson, link below. Full interview: all have a bias, whether Left-leaning or Right-leaning. It's essential that we all make the effort to lean Center - the only place where common ground can be established. Russell and Jordan have a conversation that is both expansive and stimulating, in spite of their disagreements. They give us a road map to constructive dialogue. Follow my writing on Medium:


  • david periard  7 months ago

    You mean like... a conversation?

  • Meghan Fife  3 hours ago

    @Whiting "Debate is not how you solve problems, discussion is." So good. 💗

  • Chad Hicks  4 days ago

    @Rhys Peregrine don't forget any critisim of Lord God Petersons words, is heresy,and you are now a left wing femmnsit terrorist ,playing the long game and hell bent on making child rape legal and destroying the lives of men.

  • juan twotree  2 months ago

    Simple. A debate is to find out "what" is right. NOT, "Who" is right.

  • Meghan Fife  2 hours ago

    ​@Pold the only We actually live in a field of "infinite possibilities" -- so often blind to it, but, our lack of awareness does not equal a lack of its existence. And the more we practice awareness of it, the more we see it. Of course, what that means is, there is a solution that works for everyone, if we'll be willing to keep going. And I see our world doing this more and more. -- Probably because I've chosen to do it more and more. 💗 Which is beautiful.

  • kongvinter33  yesterday

    well put

  • Maxwell Super  4 months ago

    They use... "Respect" and "common decency" two mysterious and lost arts.

  • C 0  20 days ago

    Maxwell Super Yet, they lack both for reality. And they only say that because they want it given to them and their ideas. I can argue that they have no idea.

  • J.B said that you dont have to respect someone you dont even can be correct in a political maner....respect its something that had to be earned by moments NOT forever and its earn by telling the truth. so people need to be more aware of every moment and situation. maybe at the end of the conversation they respect each other. think about it!

  • Stacey Aldridge  1 months ago

    The level of forehead in this video is tremendous!

  • Benjamin Antone  2 days ago

    Forehead? More like a fivehead.

  • moler sliva  2 days ago

    I came to this video looking for an essence of genius. I have found it with your stout observation, sir.

  • rocknroller167  2 months ago

    Every time I hear Russell Brand speak I cannot help but laugh wondering about how conversations between he and Katy Perry must have went.

  • flufftronable  11 days ago

    C Chinnock he did back then too

  • Shane redgate  12 days ago

    He's very articulate for someobe who always acted like a pleb 🤣😅🥴

  • pen dem  1 months ago

    What I like about Russell is that he's careful to not mischaracterize other viewpoints.

  • Meghan Fife  2 hours ago

    @Echoes of Malachor Interest goes a long way! Curiosity. Engagement.

  • Similar to the Joe Rogan interviews. There is no sense or hint of agenda coming from the the interviewer. You could actually feel Russell’s interest when Jordan started talking about divergent/creative thought processes

  • kittypie  1 months ago

    Their disagreement is so healthy you can’t even tell if they’re on opposing sides

  • Robbie Valentine  3 days ago

    kittypie haha that's what I thought.

  • Bugler55  3 months ago

    This makes me realize Brand is the type who's usually the quickest and sharpest person in the room, so he's often bored and speaks in these obscure and sometimes obnoxious witticisms - but its really just boredom.Here, he really respects the person whom he's speaking with, and it shows.

  • Ariadne Wolf  16 days ago

    Yeah he's a smart man. He gets underestimated because he seems ridiculous, but he earns a lot of money for doing that.

  • Witticisms is a very interesting word. Thanks

  • SebbeCool  1 months ago

    change speed to 0.5transforms this totwo drunk madmen talking gibberish

  • Jaake  5 days ago

    At 0.25 they sound close to coma

  • Just Me  24 days ago

    SebbeCool 😂 LoL

  • Vaermina  6 months ago

    What Russell Brand does in this interview is called 'steelmanning'; instead of misrepresenting JP's views and arguments to make them easier to attack, (i.e 'strawmanning') he represents them accurately, just as JP would describe them, before respectfully offering his own views based on this solid foundation. Other interviewers have instead gone the strawman route, whereby the interviewer will make repeated jabs at JP by misrepresenting his views reductio ad absurdum, which forces JP to restate and cla...

  • Marco Ventura  23 days ago

    Brand is a recovering herion addict. He's never done anything of value in his life. You need to look for better role models, such as the man sitting across from him.

  • kez Kay  1 months ago

    @Gmonkey 100% accurate.. Summed up to a tee