This Is What A Healthy Disagreement Looks Like



  • Adam D.
    Adam D.  an hour ago

    there's nothing healthy looking about Russell Brand. his only saving grace is that drugs have addled his mind to believe the shit he's saying.

  • Seths_ma
    Seths_ma  an hour ago

    Russell Brand vs Jordan Peterson hahahaha. Now that's a site. Almost like a kindergartner playing jeopardy with a Einstein lmfao. Hold your head up rusty. U gave it your best shot

  • Sheeple Slayer
    Sheeple Slayer  3 hours ago

    8:35 that's me. Flicking interests.

  • America Is Great
    America Is Great  4 hours ago

    Russell Brand is more intelligent than I thought. I always thought that he was just a goofy comedian.

  • David Poole
    David Poole  4 hours ago

    A actually really gained a lot of respect for Russell Brand in this. I still disagree with much of what he believes, but I really respect how he expressed it here. Not "I'm right. You're wrong.", more "This is what I think. I want to understand what you think."

  • John L
    John L  4 hours ago

    Ok great video... but is Russell Brand constantly taking a sip outta a helium balloon off-camera? Or is his voice always been chipmunky? I thought the video might’ve been sped up or something but Peterson’s voice is his normal Kermit-the-frog self 😂🐸

  • Sir Fuckwad
    Sir Fuckwad  5 hours ago

    There was so much information being passed back and forward and portrayed and just wow. I was so invested

  • mogznwaz
    mogznwaz  7 hours ago

    Love this.This is how public debate SHOULD BE. Russell Brand earned my respect here.

  • John Carlisle
    John Carlisle  11 hours ago

    I get the impression that Russell didn't know what an intersections argument is. Don't worry lad ...I don't either. I'm going to Google it now.

  • Haz3
    Haz3  11 hours ago

    Mr. Brand effectively confirms Dr. Petersons prognosis. Hahaha

  • onionknight44
    onionknight44  13 hours ago

    It's so amazing that a comedian ended up being his most intelligent interviewer

  • sylenceexposed
    sylenceexposed  14 hours ago +1

    2 non-confrontational adults having a conversation on a topic. Doesn’t need to be argued or bantered. Difference of opinion doesn’t need debate. They talk and discuss and give their point and opinion for how they feel on a topic and ask questions understanding why the other feels a specific way. This is just was mature adults do.

  • Mark Catron
    Mark Catron  14 hours ago

    Jordan Peterson is a genius, I don't agree with everything he says. But he is often very accurate in describing people's actions and thought process.

  • Frederick Brett
    Frederick Brett  15 hours ago

    this was more of an interview than a disagreement.

    HUMORandREALISM  15 hours ago

    Excellent discussion of the minds.

  • Bren
    Bren  16 hours ago +1

    You are a jew therefore a parasite.

  • R B J
    R B J  17 hours ago

    Of course you’re a fan of Peterson, no thanks.

  • v11cu96
    v11cu96  19 hours ago

    I have alot of respect Russell brand these days, Like JP he demonstrates he is always willing to genuinely listen and understands that we never stop learning. Its great listening to these two..

  • NietzscheanMeatPop
    NietzscheanMeatPop  21 hours ago

    This speaks volumes to the tiny gap between JP'sand RB's views, which can be lumped on the sleepy-cuck side over there, and the GIGANTIC gap between that DEATH and the JQ-woke side over HERE. :)

    EATS RELIGIONS  23 hours ago

    In My Opinion 795 of you are completely shattered and brainwashed by society.