Top U.S. & World Headlines — July 3, 2019

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 3, 2019
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  • saed Hassan
    saed Hassan  6 months ago

    i forsee REVOLUTION caming to AMERICA soon!

  • Roger Flores
    Roger Flores  6 months ago


  • Umberto Eco
    Umberto Eco  6 months ago

    This regressive regime wants to criminalize humanitarian activities.

  • Zane D
    Zane D  6 months ago

    Leventante. Derribar el muro.

  • constantine
    constantine  6 months ago

    Hurray!For the great politicians in Washington. They are doing their best to be the worst people on this earth! How long are the American going to put up this inhuman behavior?

  • Yafa Flores
    Yafa Flores  6 months ago

    Watching this on the Fourth of July. Disgraceful. Making and turning laws inside out. Happy birthday America. When do we get the opportunity to get him out before he changes all laws inside out. Shame is on the USA. For the people who had voted and will vote for him again.

  • tornadolover
    tornadolover  6 months ago

    Should be called the War On Peace report.

  • Gustavo Vassa
    Gustavo Vassa  6 months ago

    If a war crime is committed and no one enforces international law, did that law ever exist? A koan for the modern age.

  • Eve Kohley
    Eve Kohley  6 months ago

    But did they already print the banned question of citizenship?

  • Erwin Martinez
    Erwin Martinez  6 months ago

    America leadership is horrible.

  • mastermooky
    mastermooky  6 months ago

    prisoners of war were treated better than this

  • peter8488
    peter8488  6 months ago

    Gallagher definitely stabbed a person detained in the teams custody, how is THAT not a crime of assault with a deadly weapon, he IN FACT committed an act of murder, mistreatment of a detainee, and the military should have moved to AT THE VERY LEAST pursued prosecution of Gallagher under the GENEVA conventions of 1949 article 3.13, 14, 27, 32, etc, if they wanted him they could have charged him with a number of crimes including bringing discredit upon the military and the uniform which he still wears, why would any state or enemy treat captured U.S. military or civilians in a civil manner knowing how their side is regarded and that injustices will NOT be prosecuted, this just sets up an extremely bad situation for future conflicts, disgusting!

    but we allow a man showing kindness to be prosecuted, what does this say about America, that hate, bad behavior will be rewarded and kindness will be punished, we have a sickness in our society and we better change course otherwise we will become the next chapter in history as a nazi state.

  • RETiredGM
    RETiredGM  6 months ago

    Context being what it is, les we forget that these asylum seekers are fleeing countries wrecked by U.S. policy and exploitive private companies.

    This is blowback from the Monroe Doctrine.

    You can't burn down your neighbour's house and then scream "GET OFF MY LAWN".

  • Walter Sergio
    Walter Sergio  6 months ago

    That is the problem of our democracies: sometimes people put scoundrels in power like Bolsonaro and Mr.Bad Guy Trump.Real criminals in power. WS . Defense analyst of the Franciscan Branch of the Templars .Brazil

  • Stoney Curtis
    Stoney Curtis  6 months ago +1

    Guess who was acquitted of Murder...
    OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony.

  • ZBop
    ZBop  6 months ago +1

    Betsy Ross's flag is not regarded as a symbol of slavery!!!!!!!

  • Lan Hughes
    Lan Hughes  6 months ago

    Hitler's here again!!! Indictment Traitors Trumps puppet now!!!!

  • ZBop
    ZBop  6 months ago +2

    Continue to bash Biden and live up to your "snowflake" image. It will be TRUMP 2020 and IVANKA 2024, and democracy will LITERALLY end.

  • Yahra Ali
    Yahra Ali  6 months ago

    Problem ~ Action ~ Solution. The creation of the first European Immigrant invaders to our lands since 1492; 2019, the immigrants are still coming.

  • LaSha
    LaSha  6 months ago