Fort Knights - Mordhau Funny Moments

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 1, 2019
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  • SaladXL
    SaladXL  2 months ago +1069

    I hope Lawrence finds out that you can upload midi files to play on the lute.

  • Zenan Patel
    Zenan Patel  2 months ago +637

    Elyse holding back her True strength per usual

  • paridso paradise
    paridso paradise  2 months ago +533

    This is Elyse' game for sure. She is unleashed.

  • penyuwan
    penyuwan  2 months ago +706

    Elyse must have been a Shield-maiden in her past life, she's killing in Mordhau and For Honor.

  • PrincessJeremy
    PrincessJeremy  2 months ago +430

    I would watch Elyse stream Mordhau

  • chase13mm2
    chase13mm2  2 months ago +307

    Lawrence is only bad at this game because there is no katanas for him to use.

  • Boblivious
    Boblivious  2 months ago +538

    Everyone especially elyse is surprisingly decent in this game

  • Dante Diep
    Dante Diep  2 months ago +703

    Elyse must've been a Crusader in a past life since she was totally killing it in the game. She was silent most of the time since she was feeling thr thrill of taking infidel lives.

  • Dwayne lammie
    Dwayne lammie  2 months ago +321

    When it comes to killing Elyse is a battle tyrant

  • CaseFace5
    CaseFace5  2 months ago +597

    Lawrence: dont worry I got a spear! Runs into some spears and dies

  • Mad Trauma
    Mad Trauma  2 months ago +311

    I hope Lawrence finds out that you can play the DOOM soundtrack on the lute.

  • Anthony Grant
    Anthony Grant  2 months ago +165

    Looks like they all had a great time with this game, which is good. The Silent Focus clips were great.

  • xsuperduperspoonx
    xsuperduperspoonx  2 months ago +272

    this should replace the GTA series. maker 300 more of these, please. thanks

  • Ryan Puri
    Ryan Puri  2 months ago +208

    Elyse is like a ruthless Angel of Death, a beautiful & terrible distributor of justice on the battlefield

  • Casey Ramthun
    Casey Ramthun  2 months ago +172

    My friends: highly recommending the game for over a month
    Lawrence The Quintessential Bard: exists
    Me to my friends: any of you main bard?

  • Woo Nam
    Woo Nam  2 months ago +84

    LMFAO, Elyse chopping down James when he gets his arm chopped off

  • daunald7743
    daunald7743  2 months ago +53

    I'd love to see more Mordhau, Elyse is a Valkyrie of Death

  • Helpq
    Helpq  2 months ago +77

    For being so bad at other games they are actually getting a good start on this

  • Fr00ter
    Fr00ter  2 months ago +75

    It was nice watching Elyse getting better and better with time

  • Jahazey Janzen
    Jahazey Janzen  2 months ago +52

    Elyse lookin like an absolute Queen