Meet one of the 260,000 legal immigrants Trump wants deported

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 26, 2018
  • For many immigrants “Temporary Protected Status” has been dragging on for nearly 20 years. Now, they risk deportation. Subscribe to our channel! more about the status of El Salvadoran migrants under Trump on and January 8th, the Trump administration announced that it was terminating the Temporary Protected Status of approximately 260,000 Salvadorans who live in the US. As a result, Nelsy Umanzor, a Salvadoran TPS holder, is now at risk of losing the temporary legal status that has allowed him to work and raise a family in Maryland for the past 17 years. But he won’t be giving up his status without a fight. Umanzor is lobbying congress to turn TPS into a path to residency before his status expires.Vox Voices is an on-going series with a focus on human stories. Each episode is a personal narrative that helps define the issues of our time. Watch more episodes here: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out our full video catalog: Vox on Facebook: Twitter:


  • Vox
    Vox  a years ago +127

    Watch what it takes for Central and Latin American migrants to reach the US in the fourth Vox Borders episode:
    You can check out the full series, dispatches and all, here:

  • Eralen00
    Eralen00  a years ago +45

    So people are shocked when their temporary protected status turns out to be temporary?

  • Galatea
    Galatea  5 months ago +23

    Why would someone still need temporary protected status for an earthquake that happened 18 years ago?

  • E Graham
    E Graham  a years ago +20

    So you want to stay but you can't speak English.Thats the messed up part.

  • Liam McIntosh
    Liam McIntosh  a years ago +23

    Yeah but he came to the US under temporary protected status. He knew he was coming in temporarily yet still acts like a baby when we tell him his time is up

  • r villa
    r villa  a years ago +20

    20 years in America not speaking English?
    After a certain time that just looks bad.

  • Matias Villagra
    Matias Villagra  a years ago +332

    Spanish is my first language but for some reason I was reading the subtitles.

  • Ricky
    Ricky  a years ago +268

    All the comments here are about how good the comment section will be...Meh

  • monkey1346ful
    monkey1346ful  a years ago +18

    TEMPORARY Protected Status

  • Agent J
    Agent J  a years ago +13

    How does your solution help those you're demanding assistance from?
    Perhaps it's this type of selfish thinking that is the root problem.

  • Alicia Mn
    Alicia Mn  a years ago +463

    waiting for the comments

  • Kamil Aliyev
    Kamil Aliyev  a years ago +14

    I can understand why this is a big issue. 18 years is a long time, and moving back is not easy. It should have been done earlier. Usually I would say all refugees has to return to their homes after it has been rebuilt (host country might contribute). Refugees that stay forever beat the the whole concept. It makes anti immigration activists to reject a new refugees alltogether, like we see in the case of Syrians. And also wouldn't returning refugees free up space for refugees from newer natural disasters/wars?

  • João Pedro Nasser
    João Pedro Nasser  a years ago +229

    Unemployment in the US has been going down ever since 2010 and now its at a all time low of 4% and its keep going down ! I really dont see why people complain that "They took our jeebs" while the facts show the complete oposite. More people mean more costumers and taxpayers, more costumers means that stores can expand and thus create more jobs, more taxpayers means more money for the Federal Governament to pay for its Debt !

  • Argus Taveras
    Argus Taveras  a years ago +4

    Not for nothing... But he didn't answer why he didn't get a residency in the 18 years he's been here. He just says he thinks there should be a permanent solution for those who came here under TPS.
    I'm not sure how long it takes to get residency, and if it takes over 18 years... then ignore what I'm saying. But if it doesn't... dude why didn't get your residency? That would've been your permanent solution right there.

  • Link_ 82
    Link_ 82  a years ago +18

    Looks at title...
    Goes down to the comment section...

  • John Pastorelli
    John Pastorelli  a years ago +11

    I don't feel sympathy because he knew that it was a temporary protected status. He can now go home because I think 17 years is enough to recover from an earthquake. Also at least take time to learn English, you know, the language that the country you live in speaks.

  • Colombian Crepe
    Colombian Crepe  a years ago +268

    Oh my God, all the comments about that man talking in spanish.
    Son unos imbéciles.

  • Salil Deshpande
    Salil Deshpande  a years ago +7

    Does nothing to move to permanent status for 18 years.
    'wasn't meant as a path to residency' he says.
    Then complains about immigration law.

  • fleshtone44
    fleshtone44  9 months ago +10

    He has been here 18 years and can not speak ENGLISH!!! Amazing!!

  • old worm
    old worm  a years ago +66

    As long you aren't apart of the Ms-13 rats you are good with me.