First Impression - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 8, 2018


  • Angel M
    Angel M  4 months ago +2631

    Showing this sketch the appreciation Drew Gooden thinks it deserves 👍🏽

  • Adam
    Adam  4 months ago +1451

    Who's here after watching Drew's video?

  • KBSA
    KBSA  8 months ago +1213

    "Now lemme see how handsome you are... That's very nice, good. Mhm, there. Very handsome, very good. He looks good, I like that... Very very good. Very handsome... Very nice."
    -Jason Momoa (3:35)

  • Menthol
    Menthol  4 months ago +841

    anyone else here from drew goodens video?

  • t rob
    t rob  8 months ago +881

    " I bet you can't find meeeeee"
    Takes off jacket "Oh, I bet I can" -me 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Speak the Truth
    Speak the Truth  8 months ago +1934

    Sounds like the daughter is going to have to fight her dad for the weird, greased up boyfriend .

  • K Grindle
    K Grindle  8 months ago +244

    Jason Momoa is absolutely hilarious. This sketch is super creepy, but he was all in, and he made it work.

  • rash b
    rash b  8 months ago +338

    That was f*cking hysterical, he he. Just listening to Jason Momoa admire him so oddly took it a notch higher. I think Beck's character knew a normal handshake would just not do. A+ for coming up with new unique ways to impress people's parents. Can't wait to try this.

  • The Brothers Blue
    The Brothers Blue  8 months ago +455

    Jason with the sultry voice going "oh yeah. Yeah that's a handsome gentlemen"
    Died laughing lol

  • J G
    J G  8 months ago +203

    SNL is finally getting weird

    DISCO-INFERNO-70  8 months ago +173

    This was easily the funniest skit of the night. Jason killed it with his over-the-top excitement, lol. This will go down alongside with Christopher Walken and the cowbell sketch as some of the best SNL skits of all time.
    He he was also great as the elf.

  • Gamma Ghost
    Gamma Ghost  4 months ago +211

    Drew Gooden brought me here. A man of good taste!

  • funsizedaree
    funsizedaree  8 months ago +3686

    I feel incredibly uncomfortable...this has Kyle written all over it.

  • Antoinette Lopes
    Antoinette Lopes  8 months ago +190

    I love how insane this sketch is.

  • Mattmusic1025
    Mattmusic1025  8 months ago +174

    "Now let me see how handsome you are...yea that's very nice....good". That is one of the funniest scenarios ever written into a sketch

  • TakeTheRedOne1st
    TakeTheRedOne1st  8 months ago +404

    Lmao At 1:38 the captions say "Follow the little gay elf. Hee-Hee-Hee!" 😂

  • Ninh Thi
    Ninh Thi  4 months ago +53

    Who else is here because of Drew Gooden?

  • rockpaperscissors82
    rockpaperscissors82  8 months ago +48

    Jason Momoa needs to guest host at least once every season. He's perfect in every skit.

  • cjnogodula
    cjnogodula  8 months ago +62

    Omg wtf was this sketch? This is straight gold man. Momoa just commits and I love it

  • Parker Darah
    Parker Darah  8 months ago +75

    What the hell was that ending?