This Is What The BBC Licence Fee Pays For - Nick Ferrari - LBC

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 11, 2019
  • Nick Ferrari runs through what the BBC licence fee pays for in a hilarious rant following the corporation's decision to charge over-75s.

    The BBC announced over-75s will have to pay for the licence fee, with exclusions only for those on Pension Credit.

    But after reading through today’s TV listings, Nick Ferrari suggested some form of advertising wouldn't be the end of the world.

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  • Simon Taylor
    Simon Taylor  12 hours ago

    So most of it is repeats? Fine, then most people will have paid for them last year, so should be free!

  • alex brown
    alex brown  2 days ago

    scrap the bbc

  • Joe Conway
    Joe Conway  2 days ago

    Not my money 😁😁😁 PS.. If we don't get our brexit then we should withhold our council it won't take long before they beg us to start paying but we can say "GIVE US OUR NO DEAL BREXIT 1ST THEN WE PAY" 🙅🙅

  • Wild West, Wild Camper

    i never paid tv licence . tv licence you pay for is only for live tv .

  • Tom Owens
    Tom Owens  3 days ago

    Just a thought, maybe there wont be a lot of advertisers for britains longest road - so it just wouldnt work!

  • Cromwells Ghost
    Cromwells Ghost  4 days ago

    I got Netflix. So BBC can wonder the cursed earth. 🧐

  • Phil McDonald
    Phil McDonald  4 days ago

    What do they spend the licence money on .? ..It's obviously not new programming.

  • Kraznya Oktyaber
    Kraznya Oktyaber  5 days ago

    Just get your phone out when the inspectors come, film them and tell them youtube and facebook live and they soon disappear lol.

  • Cosi Fan Tutte
    Cosi Fan Tutte  6 days ago

    It's a fee for liberal/left propaganda, nothing less.

  • Mike Lucas
    Mike Lucas  6 days ago

    They are struggling for ideas......just waiting for them to make a a programme about the worlds hairiest plughole .

  • Stephen Norman
    Stephen Norman  7 days ago

    End the bbc tax

  • Kenneth Pickford
    Kenneth Pickford  7 days ago +1

    Why hasnt the son of D. Abbott crimes been reported in the news?

  • TheRealHighonlife
    TheRealHighonlife  7 days ago +3

    Paying for clearly biased political storylines....

  • Elaine Wilkes
    Elaine Wilkes  7 days ago

    The British Brainwashing Corp is now just a state propaganda machine!!! Stop paying money to be lied to!!!

  • Glenn edwards
    Glenn edwards  7 days ago +2

    What gets me is no political party wants to take on the BBC it would definitely be a vote winner.

  • J. HiddenHand
    J. HiddenHand  7 days ago


  • TalkToTheBody
    TalkToTheBody  7 days ago

    The BBC an organisation that simultaneously protected known paedophiles whilst running Children In Need, why do you need to justify a tv licence based on repeats?

  • Paul Order
    Paul Order  7 days ago

    Shut it down .

  • 420 soulja
    420 soulja  7 days ago

    TV licence fee can ram it, I don't watch the BBC or live broadcasts of any sort so I am not required to pay the licence fee - happy days

  • Jonnydog1
    Jonnydog1  7 days ago

    Stopped watching after white heterosexual males got airbrushed out.