Potatoes - You Suck at Cooking (episode 74)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 1, 2018
  • Potatoes are one of the vegetables that grow inside the ground.

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    Boil 1 potato until it it cooked
    Add butter, salt, and pepper


  • RedMasterJV
    RedMasterJV  10 hours ago


  • PowerOfThePick
    PowerOfThePick  yesterday

    The best April fools joke ever

  • Daan Demeyer
    Daan Demeyer  yesterday +1

    I don't care that this is satire if you cook a potatoe without salt you're a monster

  • Sugar Vampy
    Sugar Vampy  3 days ago

    I watched this video and it's September, and in my head I thought "this has to be an April Fool's joke" and it was.... still disappointed tho

  • Lilly Loving Heart

    He said pepper. He was supposed to say pepper pepper pepper

  • Pokémon Trainer Max -NintendoPlushWorld-

    He’s aqua baking instead of baking, this fucking hurts

  • Bored On The Moon

    most haunting episode

  • Keilah Villasana
    Keilah Villasana  14 days ago

    This was the most informative of all his videos

  • Jarjar Rodriguez
    Jarjar Rodriguez  14 days ago

    This video is kinda bland
    Wait a minute
    Just like a POTATO

  • Morgen Ludwig
    Morgen Ludwig  14 days ago

    This played like a how it’s made episode

  • Beanos
    Beanos  14 days ago


  • Ein Wolt
    Ein Wolt  14 days ago +1

    I was saying pepper pepper pepper in my mind

  • Katelynn Stan
    Katelynn Stan  14 days ago

    this is really weird

  • Aaron K
    Aaron K  14 days ago

    the biggest troll lol

  • xorben1981
    xorben1981  14 days ago

    There is nothing

  • hey guys
    hey guys  21 days ago

    Freind :wtf dude why are you screaming
    Me: ysac posted a video that actually made sense
    Both: *screaming *

  • kamari h.
    kamari h.  21 days ago


  • B for Benjamin
    B for Benjamin  21 days ago

    Master piece

  • Chester Abellera
    Chester Abellera  21 days ago +2

    My heart is all wangjangled out of place because he only said one "pepper"...

  • fidelity70
    fidelity70  21 days ago

    You can tell it's the same ol' YSAC because he keeps checking the potato like a hundred times, until it's all pricked around it in a circle and little potato fluff is coming out the sides. This video needs to be watched more than once for it's comic subtlety and dryness. It's the Stephen Wright of all YSAC videos.