Potatoes - You Suck at Cooking (episode 74)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 1, 2018
  • Potatoes are one of the vegetables that grow inside the ground.Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1HuynlYhttps://twitter.com/yousuckatcookinSnapchat: @yousuckatcookin http://instagram.com/yousuckatcookinghttp://facebook.com/yousuckatcookingRecipe:Boil 1 potato until it it cooked Add butter, salt, and pepper


  • Edgar
    Edgar  a years ago +2153

    When he only said pepper and not pepper pepper pepper that hurt my soul

  • K10Kelly
    K10Kelly  a years ago +3838

    Everyone is complaining about the "pepper pepper pepper" but WHERE IS THE INTRO SONG

  • Mr. Sharp
    Mr. Sharp  9 months ago +2417

    Too far. Way too far. It's one thing to pull a prank on April Fools Day, but it's a whole other thing to actually be HELPFUL

  • Trash Can Of Doom
    Trash Can Of Doom  a years ago +1209


  • ShureLock
    ShureLock  a years ago +1339

    This might have just actually helped someone cook a potato

  • Wiggin Miller
    Wiggin Miller  a years ago +10214

    It physically pained me to hear only a single “pepper” uttered.
    It was like learning Santa wasn’t real for the first time.

  • Peter Yost
    Peter Yost  a years ago +647

    God has left us.

  • Shayren Robles
    Shayren Robles  a years ago +384

    I was VERY confused, then checked the date

  • Glass of Lemonade
    Glass of Lemonade  11 months ago +509

    turn off the stove??? WTF IS A STOVE?

  • briefbucket
    briefbucket  10 months ago +383

    That wasnt very cash money of you

  • Patrick Benjamin
    Patrick Benjamin  a years ago +244

    After raving about this channel to someone, I introduced it to them with this one just after it came out and I hadn't watched it. They didn't get why I was laughing so much.

  • IndigoExists
    IndigoExists  2 months ago +104

    the fact that this was helpful and didnt actually have any jokes is terrifying

  • Beazley Dang
    Beazley Dang  11 months ago +99

    I'm so discombobulated.

  • Outer Summaries
    Outer Summaries  5 months ago +23

    I was playing the whole YSAC playlist in the background as I worked on something, but when this video came on I had to stop what I was doing and engage. Something felt...off. The pauses, the lack of an intro, the lack of YSAC language like wangjangle, undo, triple p...
    And then the video ended with "Happy April Fools!" Never have I felt so relieved. I thought you had been possessed by Pimblokto's cousin, Timclockpo.

  • FartingSpider12
    FartingSpider12  a years ago +1121

    Top 10 Youtube pranks that went too far

  • Pogadust
    Pogadust  a years ago +66

    You blue balled me..

  • Lightskxnn_stephan¡e *
    Lightskxnn_stephan¡e *  11 months ago +24


  • K-Pop Freak
    K-Pop Freak  2 months ago +17

    Thank God it was on april fools because when you didn't say pepper pepper pepper I almost cried

  • Luca Tim Behrends
    Luca Tim Behrends  1 months ago +7

    "You're average at cooking, yeah that's how statistic works"

  • Sea Creature Teacher
    Sea Creature Teacher  a years ago +39

    Aww, you're not funny when you're sober and the potato isn't rolling out in the woods. I liked though that you used wet water. That was way cool.