Pottermore: Which House is DANNY? - Game Grumps

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
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  • hope fuller
    hope fuller  21 days ago

    Dan : I don't want Slytherin, Slytherins are evil
    Me being a Slytherin: I'm just gonna go.....

  • Alaska Roller
    Alaska Roller  28 days ago

    I always assumed it meant raven as in the color. Like black-clawed. Which some eagles have.

  • Era- chi
    Era- chi  1 months ago

    Hell yeah welcome to the fam

  • Kerah Bundy
    Kerah Bundy  1 months ago

    He's in my house. I have claimed him.

  • Wiggl3s _
    Wiggl3s _  2 months ago

    Ravenclaw sounds like hell on earth. Like calm the ego lads.

  • LikelyVampirical
    LikelyVampirical  2 months ago

    Never speak against Slytherin House. You may soon ne’er speak again.
    Fellow Ravenclaw reporting, welcome.

  • Minecraft/PokePlaysNL

    Welcome to the squad <3

  • amg
    amg  3 months ago +1

    It’s called Ravenclaw because the eagle’s claws are raven, as in the color black.

  • kimberly sandman
    kimberly sandman  3 months ago

    "Not Slytherin "

    Well we didn't want you anyways Danny!!! :(

  • Maddison Tipton
    Maddison Tipton  3 months ago

    Ravenclaw? more like E A G L E C L A W

  • rainy
    rainy  4 months ago

    me: eh, i dont really LOVE harry potter, im not super into it like most people. i just took the quizzes for fun and i think the lore is really confusing and flawed.
    arin: if you have an owl youre keeping it caged
    also me somehow: screams

  • Meilli Ismacat
    Meilli Ismacat  4 months ago +1


  • TemporaryFind
    TemporaryFind  4 months ago

    Ok but Slytherins are great, we're assholes but we're great

  • Samantha Sawyer
    Samantha Sawyer  4 months ago

    Why does everyone hate on my Slytherin house? Lol

    I'm nice! ... Sometimes...

  • CanisDiris
    CanisDiris  4 months ago

    Here because of the latest compilation, the eagle mascot portion made me laugh so hard I had to leave a comment

  • Island Boy Gaming
    Island Boy Gaming  5 months ago

    My true Hogwarts House is Slytherin.

  • RhythmGrizz
    RhythmGrizz  5 months ago

    normies: hufflepuff, ravenclaw, slytherin, griffindoor

    People I fuck with: Golden Deer, Blue Lions, Black Eagles

  • RhythmGrizz
    RhythmGrizz  5 months ago

    Garreg Mach Monastery > hogwarts

  • hope fuller
    hope fuller  5 months ago

    Yes ravenclaws for life

  • Pepper Bite
    Pepper Bite  5 months ago

    We all know what Ross's house is.