Twilight Town | Jazzy HipHop

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 11, 2018
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    ♫ Tracklist ♫
    00:00 Oskar Hahn - GordenMorden
    04:00 The Jazzual Suspect - Leopold
    08:19 Cloudchord & Soul Food Horns - Silent Color
    10:44 KarmawiN - Street Son
    14:05 Saito & Lester - Endurance
    16:05 jodu - get down
    18:09 Tuelv ~ In The Stars
    22:08 maffyn - watch out
    24:20 MYH - Sax
    26:53 Oskar Hahn - Alberto's Synfonie
    29:28 Saito & Lester Nowhere - Vagabond

    Oskar Hahn
    Soul Food Horns
    Lester, Nowhere

    🎨 Original picture by Gavin Glakas


  • Brayan Rojas
    Brayan Rojas  1 months ago

    Excelente música! pero díganle a los admin. de Youtube que paren con los excesivos anuncios de mierda!

  • Filming life to Remember it.

    Thanks. My thirty-minute lunch break and some #FantasticMusic , has invigorated me for another six hours of of a 12-hour work day.

  • Oscar Ponce Gonzalez

    beautiful music and beautiful pics also!thanks!

  • Pershing Chaffee
    Pershing Chaffee  3 months ago

    Must be seattle..

  • ukulelechriswilson
    ukulelechriswilson  3 months ago

    Very nice and soothing. Good job and play.

  • Badgirs
    Badgirs  4 months ago

    Están muy latosos sus anuncios al principio del vídeo, todavía un solo anuncio no molestaría mucho, pero 3 si son muy latosos y quitan las ganas de reproducir este video

  • Ruan Lima De Morais
    Ruan Lima De Morais  4 months ago

    Where do you find these pictures?

  • Lourenco Vieira
    Lourenco Vieira  4 months ago

    Oh gosh this music gotta be a magic I wrote Liechtenstein correctly for the first time in my life while listening to this.

  • Martinez Debora
    Martinez Debora  4 months ago

    La única manera en la que consigo dormir es escuchando esto! Me encanta❤ te ganaste mi like🖒

  • Irvin Quintanilla
    Irvin Quintanilla  4 months ago

    Another level of saxo, the best start with the best finest touch.

  • Seance0721
    Seance0721  4 months ago +4

    This a really good jazz mix. the tracks are broken down so you can go directly to the sounds that you want to hear. 😊👍

  • Borahae C
    Borahae C  5 months ago


  • Erdem Şencan
    Erdem Şencan  5 months ago

    this picture made my feathers prickle prickle...

  • George Feneberg
    George Feneberg  5 months ago

    piece at like 18 is my fav here

  • TheWindigomonster
    TheWindigomonster  5 months ago

    I don't know what its called, but that bassy loop in the background of all these songs makes the hair on my arms stand up

  • Maria Alejandra Arango

    Perfecta combinación. Escuchar esto es vida. Hermosooo. ¡Me encanta! 🔥

  • Bruno Torres
    Bruno Torres  5 months ago

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  • mgmilano82
    mgmilano82  5 months ago +1

    who are these people who pressed the unlike button, do they live on a different planet?? This music is perfect....

  • sativa shiva
    sativa shiva  5 months ago

    Commercial pumping fucktard.

  • Jonathan Terriquez
    Jonathan Terriquez  5 months ago

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