How This Woman Makes People Look 2D with Body Paint | Obsessed | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 19, 2019
  • Artist Alexa Meade paints on people to make them look like paintings of people. She's developed a style that flattens 3 dimensional objects into what at first appears to be a 2D image. See more at

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    How This Woman Makes People Look 2D with Body Paint | Obsessed | WIRED


    WIRED  28 days ago +913

    Read more about Alexa Meade at

  • ExtrovertedCenobite

    At 06:25 this woman states that she didn't taken painting or photography courses, she learned this method on her own. Impressive!

  • Patrick Keefer
    Patrick Keefer  7 hours ago

    Get a job. You do not have an art talent.

  • PapaWheelie
    PapaWheelie  8 hours ago

    I had the same disagreement with my professor.

    He claims there is only one correct answer in mathematics.

  • 『 JUNE 』 Gacha

    Can we give some credits to the people she painted?

  • Raoul
    Raoul  yesterday

    thats some talent!

  • Youtube Today
    Youtube Today  yesterday

    Very impressive!

  • Dad Eee
    Dad Eee  yesterday +2

    Chick at 2:10 be like 👀

  • random image
    random image  yesterday

    she is so beautiful

  • doug mcconkey
    doug mcconkey  yesterday

    Kinda reminds me of that Robin Williams movie"what dreams may come"

  • Kinza N
    Kinza N  yesterday

    Bad advice not to care about what your professors think. He was right and she was either business-savvy or caught a lucky break with this lol

  • Thiesen
    Thiesen  yesterday

    Now please paint a 4D image onto a 1D thing...

  • HigherPlanes
    HigherPlanes  yesterday


  • dannooooooo
    dannooooooo  yesterday

    somewhere out there is a teacher saying "oh, come on, I wasn't that rude...."

  • Spag mon
    Spag mon  2 days ago

    So cool. For a moment she almost got feminist then managed to not do it. Good for you woman!

  • Bubbles L
    Bubbles L  2 days ago

    Out here looking like borderlands characters

  • John Walker
    John Walker  2 days ago

    I tried to paint my wife, but now the paint doesn't want to come off.

  • The Fakey Cake Maker

    If you ever want to use this technique in a music video then she Gotye...

  • TymeRyder
    TymeRyder  2 days ago

    WOW! amazing concept and talent.

  • Celt FWA
    Celt FWA  2 days ago +1

    This looks really easy to do , she’s not that talented