"K-9 III" Best Husky Coat Deshedder! - Husky Coat Blow Out

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • Husky Coat Blow Out! - https://cnclips.net/video/b0NGZP9bDf0/video.html

    What is Dog Water Fountain? - https://cnclips.net/video/vumMdSybdQg/video.html

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  • Ritu Gidwani
    Ritu Gidwani  23 hours ago

    9:23 he forgot to edit that part

  • Ikkei Sato
    Ikkei Sato  yesterday

    this was on r/watchthemdiesinside

  • kessang dikkila
    kessang dikkila  yesterday

    **Taras buffering**

  • Jason
    Jason  3 days ago

    Hope the neighbors aren't allergic to dogs

  • LividMoodflow
    LividMoodflow  4 days ago

    i wish there was a cat sized version of this. My male cat sheds guite a lot :D

  • Alexis Winter
    Alexis Winter  4 days ago

    Totally worth it. My groomer, 3 dogs once is 1/3 of the price of the blower.

  • flutewave
    flutewave  6 days ago

    that fur would make several yards of super warm flannel

  • ronkeyronkey
    ronkeyronkey  7 days ago

    Mr. Man Child!

  • Lev Castle
    Lev Castle  7 days ago

    In America You Cut Hair
    In Soviet Russia Hair Cuts You

  • videofan77 -Louise

    I love how you kept trying even though it was hard to speak :) Your babies are so cute <3

  • Krispi Schwag
    Krispi Schwag  7 days ago


  • 08221944
    08221944  8 days ago

    Look on eBay, their are lots of small leaf blowers with nozzles such as the kind shown here. I have one from eBay red in color, and it does the same blower as shown in Russia, and a site cheaper.

    MERCURY BLACK  9 days ago

    2:35 what did he say?

  • D- Nice
    D- Nice  11 days ago

    People who loves dogs, are normally incredible people :D

  • Ishuca Duhaka
    Ishuca Duhaka  13 days ago

    This kinda look like alergy..... sorry 😂😂😂

  • A7medoo7 Mth
    A7medoo7 Mth  14 days ago +1

    Aren't you gonna blow me some more lol

  • Tanja Lewtschenko
    Tanja Lewtschenko  15 days ago

    очень Жаль, что столько ценного подшёрстка пропадает впустую. Из этого можно спрясти нежную пушистую пряжу, как из кролика, связать обалденные варежки или носочки.... Вязальщицы покупают эту шерсть и прядут! Завидую вашим хаски. у меня коты, но они не линяют так. А тут мешок сырья для шерсти можно вычесать. Ангорские козы нервно курят в сторонке....

  • Pratham Taheem
    Pratham Taheem  16 days ago


  • Luke Camp
    Luke Camp  16 days ago

    Perfect before and after a bath ! Sweet !

  • Ben Goertz
    Ben Goertz  16 days ago

    I love the shop wac!