Did the Winner Take the $75,000 or the McLaren 570s?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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  • Jacob Mehler
    Jacob Mehler  1 months ago

    Imagine taking $75K > McClaren

  • Mikka Soffian
    Mikka Soffian  1 months ago

    Baby MAC 😘

  • KevTech Source
    KevTech Source  2 months ago

    He used the scam money to buy the new lambo. He work with that dealership to pull the scam. Plus the dude try way too hard on camera and making too much camera movement what cause headache.

  • Alec Hiers
    Alec Hiers  3 months ago

    this channel shud be named "TheLamest" "ever" ha ha ha ha

  • Princess Celestia
    Princess Celestia  4 months ago +1

    Thanks i got to drive a mclaren thanks to fast toys

  • Fernando Gomez Cruz
    Fernando Gomez Cruz  4 months ago

    TheStradman: I always keep it under 50

  • 20k subscribers without video challenge

    We got a new mr beast guys

  • Derek Turner
    Derek Turner  5 months ago

    I think you can afford at least 4 superfast's now, for the 570s $5 a ticket x 1mil subscribers you should have made a minimum of $5 mil

  • Vigil Suzerein
    Vigil Suzerein  5 months ago

    I subcribe and like so kan you sale the gayardo

  • Cole Gardener
    Cole Gardener  5 months ago +1

    .... Car is worth 350k, why would anyone take the money lol

  • FluxGaming
    FluxGaming  6 months ago

    Theres nothing like the lambo factory :) (I've been there!)

  • Gondola
    Gondola  6 months ago +1

    Freaking scammer, I want my money back for the merch!!!
    I'm going to file a lawsuit

  • Darth Taco Slayer
    Darth Taco Slayer  6 months ago

    could you get more than 75k if you took it and sold it yourself?

  • Clashing With Lunch
    Clashing With Lunch  6 months ago +1

    This whole thing was a scam.. he gave the car to a friend and claimed it was a fan.. also the head dude of the raffle is a fraud.

  • Wilson Bomb
    Wilson Bomb  7 months ago +1

    Sorry stradman, but Boston Red Sox are better than the Yankees

  • tiara crissy
    tiara crissy  7 months ago

    Oof she took the car!? Oh the price from the servicing bills and maintaining fees she'll be getting

  • R. E. Kamilleon West

    2:09 that Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino was the coolest car in the whole video 💜

  • kess orie
    kess orie  7 months ago

    you should get a mercedes 6x6

  • Pablo Kim
    Pablo Kim  7 months ago

    4:15 That was close LOL