Captain Marvel POST CREDIT SCENES Explained! Avengers Endgame Easter Eggs!

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 8, 2019
  • Captain Marvel Ending Explained! What did you miss in the Captain Marvel End Credits Scenes, and what subtle clues set up major elements of Avengers Endgame?

    Spoilers below!

    Captain Marvel's post credit scenes feature major connections to the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Avengers films. Erik Voss breaks down the significance of Nick Fury's pager, seen in the Avengers Infinity War post credit scene. Is this Captain Marvel scene proof that Carol Danvers was digitally removed from the footage of the Avengers in the Endgame trailer? And when Goose the cat coughs up the Tesseract, what does that tell us about the journey of the Tesseract in the Marvel timeline?

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  • Thatdino Girl  (Mar 10, 2019))

    The scene on the bus when Captain Marvel walks by Stan and smiles made me feel something in my empty heart

  • Daniel Flores  (11 hours ago))

    R.I.P Stan Lee'sYou are greatly missed by us all....

  • Midnight Lucifer  (14 hours ago))

    me too

  • Angel Lendor  (Mar 10, 2019))

    Captain marvel: where's fury Drax: I'll do you one better why's fury

  • Tris Auba  (7 hours ago))

    Angel Lendor I’m deceased😭😂

  • Daniel Flores  (10 hours ago))

    Nobody asked how's Fury tho

  • Tyrus Horn  (Mar 9, 2019))

    Funniest scene of the movie 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Captain Marvel: *Punches old ladyCivilians on bus: “oooooooohhhhhhh!”

  • Ghostrevivalist  (19 hours ago))

    And then you realize it’s not even that funny.....

  • Seemeten Gaming  (3 days ago))

    It was on a train

  • Cc The unicorn  (Mar 12, 2019))

    The best part of the movie is when carol smiled at Stan♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💜💜💜💜💜🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💕💞💓💗💖💓💓💞💗💖❤️🧡💚❤️💜💞💓💗

  • Anjimations  (2 days ago))

    Too many emojis, but I agree.

  • Pacific Rimjob  (2 days ago))

    Stan Lee was just a capitalist businessman.. the talent has been dead for years..

  • Travis Latner  (Mar 10, 2019))

    Its funny how they had the flerkin "cat" swallow the teseract, because in The Avengers movie; Blackwidow is recruting Bruce Banner and he ask's Blackwidow "what does furry want me to do with swallow it?"

  • Lun Ba  (1 day ago))


  • rschneider77  (Mar 12, 2019))

    In the industry we call that foreshadowing. Or in this case, reverse foreshadowing.

  • Josue lopez  (Mar 11, 2019))

    When the movie was about to begin, after it showed "Thank You Stan" the people clapped, I did as well. True fans.😢

  • Tinki xxx  (1 day ago))

    I screamed lmao, but no one clapped which is kinda sad I think

  • Not LoZerish  (1 day ago))

    I did the Wakandan salute

  • D  (Mar 9, 2019))

    The -Protecters- InitiativeThe Avengers Initiative

  • joey peabody  (6 days ago))

    The We don't have the A Team for 'real' emergencies so we better set up a B Team for ordinary emergencies Initiative

  • Young Thug  (Mar 11, 2019))

    Mass Effect Andromeda Initiative

  • DominicGuitarist  (Mar 11, 2019))

    that post credit scene HAS to be in Endgame

  • Daniel Flores  (11 hours ago))

    What is said was true, but the actual scene might not be what it seems. We all know how the Russos LOVE trolling us.

  • Warren -•_•-  (3 days ago))

    I dont think it would be copy pastedIn a film sense it would be too sudden for a character reveal

  • Luca Fontanella  (Mar 8, 2019))

    LAST TIME I TRUSTED SOMEONE I LOST AN EYE. I don’t trust cats now

  • Daniel Flores  (11 hours ago))

    I don't like cats that much, one scratched my face all because I was gonna give it milk. Never catsitting again........

  • socialex  (1 day ago))

    Luca Fontanella you trusted cats in the first place? They’re questionable.

  • NoStunnaz  (Mar 12, 2019))

    Who else is watching this the same day they watched the movie?

  • Tris Auba  (7 hours ago))

    NoStunnaz me🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wha t  (3 days ago))