midnight aura. [lofi / jazzhop / chill mix]

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 23, 2019
  • 🌃 for those serene moments at the end of a long day🎧 Listen to the mix on Spotify https://spoti.fi/2HzhsIL🎨 Want to download the Audio & Art in this mix? You can!Join us on Patreon for this & more https://patreon.com/thejazzhopcafe01 00:00 miscél - When You Left02 02:44 Jay-Lounge & Jordy Chandra - Puddles*03 06:10 hoogway - soulful eyes04 09:08 Jordy Chandra - Reminiscing Night05 12:40 WYS - Have A Beer06 15:38 lofty - locked away (ft. imfinenow)07 17:08 Jordy Chandra - Talking to You On a Rain Day08 19:36 biosphere - when im rome*09 22:00 Nohone - Nothing But A Dream10 24:46 BeyondChivalry - r e l a x i n g11 26:48 bace - the train (where i met you)*12 29:56 Dragon Roots - October13 33:00 Styn, Sebastian Kamae & Sleepermane - Bonsai14 35:26 Chef Boy RJ - Moss Garden15 37:36 Poik Lounge - Feeling Ocean16 39:14 biosphere - expectationsTracks marked with an '*' are official releases fromThe Jazz Hop Café Records (https://jazzhopcafe.bandcamp.com)☕ Follow The Jazz Hop Café on:• YouTube - https://youtube.com/thejazzhopcafe• Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/jazzhopcafe• Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/user/thejazz...• Bandcamp - http://jazzhopcafe.bandcamp.com• Facebook - https://facebook.com/jazzhopcafe• Twitter - http://twitter.com/jazzhopcafeDesign By ► Nuša Štiglic• https://www.instagram.com/ginkgo.whale• https://ginkgowhale.comFollow ► The Artists• miscél - https://soundcloud.com/miscelbeets• Jay-Lounge - https://soundcloud.com/jay-lounge• Jordy Chandra - https://soundcloud.com/jordychandra• hoogway - https://fanlink.to/acupoflofi2 & https://soundcloud.com/hoogway• WYS - https://soundcloud.com/wyslofi• lofty - https://soundcloud.com/loftylofi• imfinenow - https://soundcloud.com/imfinenow• biosphere - https://soundcloud.com/officialbiosphere• Nohone - https://fanlink.to/acupoflofi2 & https://soundcloud.com/nohone• BeyondChivalry - https://soundcloud.com/beyondchivalry...• bace - https://soundcloud.com/thisisbace• Dragon Roots - https://fanlink.to/dragonroots & https://soundcloud.com/dragonroot• Styn - https://soundcloud.com/stijn-schrijber• Sebastian Kamae - https://soundcloud.com/sebastiankamae• Sleepermane - https://soundcloud.com/sleepermane• Chef Boy RJ - https://soundcloud.com/chefboyrj• Poik Lounge - https://soundcloud.com/poiklounge👕 Grab some Merchandise athttp://thejazzhopcafe.bigcartel.com


  • The Jazz Hop Café  1 months ago

    💤 nothing beats sitting on a balcony at night, closing your eyes and drifting away to sleepy music...🎧 you can listen to this mix on *spotify* too https://spoti.fi/2HzhsILmobile *tracklist*01 00:00 miscél - When You Left02 02:44 Jay-Lounge & Jordy Chandra - Puddles03 06:10 hoogway - soulful eyes04 09:08 Jordy Chandra - Reminiscing Night05 12:40 WYS - Have A Beer06 15:38 lofty - locked away (ft. imfinenow)07 17:08 Jordy Chandra - Talking to You On a Rain Day08 19:36 biosphere - when im r...

  • LandTide  5 minutes ago

    @Tato Noot bro i swear i was abouta say that

  • Tato Noot  17 days ago

    I really want to do that but my place has many mosquitoes

  • midniqht  1 months ago

    me: ah,, such a relaxing playlist of lofi jazz. time to kick back and rela-ad: *60% of women are wearing the wrong pad-*me: *okay, you know what-*

  • fuk boi  2 days ago

    I was about to comment on thisMe: *Half asleep, drifting into wonderland*Ad: I CREATED THIS BEAUTIFUL WIX SITE!Me: Adblock, my old friend. I call upon thee

  • Angus  2 days ago

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  • Arc  1 months ago

    I loved this mix, I enjoy your art very much. My daughter and I listened to this while I told her a bedtime story. Thank you.

  • yiloyn  8 days ago

    HUEHUE "a bedtime story huh." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Lofijazz  1 months ago

    i like that place good vibe .. and wish everyone read this comment has a beautiful chill day .Peace

  • Octavio Bernard  1 months ago

    I hope u too, mr.cowboy-bebop profile pic

  • the bootleg boy  1 months ago

    been loving these mixes recently 💜

  • Cabal's Victims  25 days ago


  • Matias  26 days ago

    Love your mixes too Bootleg Boy

  • Ukulele Town  15 days ago

    Me: I don’t think there will be any ads right? Yeah there won’t be any ads.Ad: *Guess who’s back. Back again*

  • ChillOut Beats  3 days ago

    we are producing lofi chill beats as well, and all mixes are without ads.. our channel isn't that famous as the great ones yet.. but it contains some great vibes.. maybe you would like it

  • Cjx h89  8 days ago

    Me: chillingAd: *try our new and improved*Me: ah shit here we go again

  • speaking of succ  2 days ago

    install adblock

  • Fifteen minutes in, and I just realized that the smoke is moving

  • Tony Montana  13 days ago

    Chilling.....Ad: Hey wake up! It’s time to harvest more glorious potatoes. 😑

  • cobostudies  1 months ago

    me: wow! such a relaxing, innocent playlist, it makes me want to slee-41:33me: nevermind

  • Miguel Hernandez  6 days ago

    Nothing triggers a virgin like a reminder of others having sex.

  • statikyu  8 days ago

    yeah what was up with that ._.