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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018


  • Li  1 months ago

    Alright boys lets wait another year

  • Blur's Channel  12 hours ago

    @Aiden Tucker Oh yea yea oh yea yea oh yea

  • *mega sigh*

  • Luis Rosario  18 days ago

    Dear diaryIt is July 5th still have no episodeEarth's supply is running low

  • Gage Face 2  an hour ago

    And oxygen will run out in the morning

  • Simple.Silence  yesterday

    Luis Rosario it’s already out just not on YouTube, only very few people have real footage of the full pilot, but you can still see short clips on Instagram and YouTube

  • Pickles N Vodka  18 days ago

    I've been waiting 9 months I could of had a baby by now

  • Johnny Nunya  39 minutes ago

    It might be another 9 months let's see if we can beat them to it.

  • Lex ?  22 hours ago

    Just don’t show him this....

  • A Nerd I Guess  15 days ago

    Any day now...Any day now...Any day now...Any day now...ANY DAY NOW...ANY DAY NOW...A N Y D A Y N O W

  • It better happen soon, i dont think i can wait much longer

  • Sly uzumaki  yesterday

    Me and the boys waiting for the next edition of DHMIS

  • BV rad  18 days ago

    everybody excited for stranger things while I'm excited for the next episode of DHMIS

  • ChumBucket ChickenNugget that’s what I said in my mind

  • Chad Rasmussen  4 days ago


  • CodyCo Combs  12 days ago

    Just a person with a theoryThe first dhmis came out on July 29th so maybe that's when this one will debut as wellI'm probably wrong but oh wellEdit: I know 31 isn't alot but dang thanks

  • *Oh my GOD- :"0*I'm excited for it even if that isn't the date

  • Gould  16 hours ago

    I love how people are hopping from comment to comment hoping that one of the theorized dates will be the time that they release it.

  • BlueBoyBlitzYT  20 days ago

    dont worry, i can wait for another 351 days, 4 hours and 37 minutes.


  • @wīłĺıāmm Åfțøņ Wow, look, a pie chart.

  • Otiuqat  14 days ago

    it's 20 past day... but no fish on my tray

  • Theres no fish anywhere

  • Ellis Smith  4 days ago

    I need the fish on my tray

  • Syndicate  24 days ago

    June 29 and still nothing I. Running out of water and supplies

  • @Green_Basment Boi fucking kremit pedo

  • Green_Basment Boi  10 days ago

    here's some ball sacks for you to eat 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

  • Pinoy Boy  1 months ago

    Today is June 19. *literally waits all day*No video at the end of the day: Wow look nothing

  • Fire and The flame  23 hours ago

    Everything’s made out of numbers and code

  • Fire and The flame  23 hours ago

    Pinoy Boy Ah yes