Wakey Wakey...

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018


  • Deucey Dee
    Deucey Dee  a minute ago

    *T H E F U N W I L L N E V E R E N D*

  • Joshua Herrera
    Joshua Herrera  a minute ago

    I don’t know if this means anything but there is a lot of key imagery in this trailer, such as the key guy, the door duck opened, the giant padlock on the Clay Hill entrance. Also when you rearrange “Wakey Wakey” one of the solutions is keyway (granted you take away 4 other letters)...

  • Aesthetically Pleasing Failure

    SEASON TWO??????

  • _ kzc173DLy _
    _ kzc173DLy _  14 minutes ago


  • MiklopeyTV
    MiklopeyTV  15 minutes ago +2

    When are they coming out?

  • Lovely Note
    Lovely Note  17 minutes ago

    *heavy breathing*

  • Mr. Awesome Animations
    Mr. Awesome Animations  23 minutes ago

    I've watched this teaser an unhealthy amount of times....

  • Joelanimation And filming

    Hug me I’m scared of the flying taco

  • Blackshock 9000
    Blackshock 9000  27 minutes ago

    Is there gonna be merch? (IDK of my size but im 12)

  • The FortRocker
    The FortRocker  30 minutes ago

    Well shit

  • A N X I O U S W E I R D O

    😀😀😀 I love ur vids

  • Joseph Thompson
    Joseph Thompson  32 minutes ago

    Apparently it will be a tv series and not YouTube :(

  • dinoboyGD13 channel
    dinoboyGD13 channel  33 minutes ago

    Her wey!!!!😃😃😃😃

  • cacaman201 - y lo que sea


  • Jade Fang
    Jade Fang  38 minutes ago

    It’s back! Yes!

  • Lilac Tea
    Lilac Tea  40 minutes ago


  • LPSRainbowFez
    LPSRainbowFez  41 minutes ago

    EXPLAIN EVERYTHING!! WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?? Like the whole series

  • Lo Sv
    Lo Sv  42 minutes ago

    I have nothing to prove this but I think this is gonna be a prequel. Like we get to see where they live, maybe how they came up with the ”show” and how and why it started to get super fucked up. There are too much we dont know yet for it to continue on with the story, I think this will provide us with the backstory.

  • Death Killer123
    Death Killer123  42 minutes ago

    Yes I am so glad this series hasn’t ended I can’t wait for Season 2

  • Little nin ro
    Little nin ro  44 minutes ago +1

    A lot of past references were shown at 0:08
    The machine in 0:13 may be the machine in the video 07494795709 .
    In 0:16 when you slow it down you see the Screen has words about the town and has Ducks fave an the back.