How to Make French Creamed Eggs

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 27, 2013
  • Give your eggs a twist and make French Creamed Eggs.
    Brought to you by the Chefs of Le Cordon Bleu.
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  • Vince Moreschi
    Vince Moreschi  4 hours ago

    OK his breathing made me leave, weird.

  • Lovely 57701
    Lovely 57701  8 hours ago

    Thanks chef❣️ I learned something yummy today.👌🏾

  • mikeleight
    mikeleight  18 hours ago

    The utilisation of the whole product ''in that crispy oil''...pause, heavy breathing ''pause'' heavier breathing...

  • Survival Of The Fittest

    All I could hear was this poor man struggling to breath...

  • Michael M
    Michael M  21 hours ago

    Great! Eggs in only 20 minutes

  • Michael M
    Michael M  22 hours ago


  • Edrin Osmani
    Edrin Osmani  yesterday

    he is breathing so hard. i wonder if he is still alive ?

  • Ross Blitz
    Ross Blitz  yesterday +3

    *Must be 5 pages double spaced*
    "It's very enjoyable, to enjoy the food"

  • Barry Crowson
    Barry Crowson  yesterday

    That was not toast.

  • pat comerford
    pat comerford  yesterday

    These are the style of creamed eggs last week in Dourdan, France and they were amazing! You have not lived if you have not had them! Great video!

  • russell perez
    russell perez  2 days ago

    Where can I buy crispy oil?

  • metaspherz
    metaspherz  3 days ago

    I've never tried French Creamed Eggs but I hope to one day. Substituting the toast with hashbrown potatoes and crumbled bacon sprinkled on top would also be a delicious alternative to oil-soaked white bread toast.

    TED MAHACHI  3 days ago

    I think that a little, teeny-tiny sprinkle of cardio would help with the breathing Chef. Otherwise, great video!

  • Rachel Noble
    Rachel Noble  3 days ago

    Absolutely gorgeous food! Very filling and tasty! Great Presentation!

  • Haiku Malta
    Haiku Malta  3 days ago

    bad vibes

  • M Smith
    M Smith  3 days ago


  • M Smith
    M Smith  3 days ago

    like the way yu explain the process......cant wait to try it

  • Truth or Dare
    Truth or Dare  3 days ago

    Great chef but i'm concerned about his breathing. Sounds like someone who's dying. I hope you'll be OK chef.

  • doncarlo5
    doncarlo5  4 days ago +2

    mediterranean people know , I emphasize that , they know : you never , ever, heat up olive oil ... no matter what ...

  • bigbaby8
    bigbaby8  4 days ago

    Either that mic is amazing or that camera isn’t catching the superhuman speed this guy is using that has him breathing like that