Binging with Babish: Teamster Sandwich from 30 Rock

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
  • You haven't heard of sandwich day? It's one special day each year that the teamsters gleefully hand out roast beef, fresh mozzarella, and roast red pepper sandwiches with special dipping sauce from their secret Brooklyn deli. Now, thanks to a single thirdhand source on the internet, that secret deli has been revealed as Fiore's House of Quality in Hoboken, NJ. This week, let's take a crack at bringing some of those generations-old Italian secrets into our kitchen.

    Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free

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  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia  2 days ago

    you wont feel as hip but you can get nitrile gloves from any auto store

  • Rick koontz
    Rick koontz  2 days ago

    This was Parks and rec answer to pretzel day

  • Rick koontz
    Rick koontz  2 days ago

    Says kosher salt, uses maldon, I like your style

  • cmonBruh
    cmonBruh  3 days ago

    Literally nobody:
    Not a single soul:

  • jedidiah robinson

    The sauce was a tomato base

  • johnny'sYoutubevideos

    I've always guessed the sandwich spot is defonte's in red hook

  • ShadowT23
    ShadowT23  7 days ago

    30 rock fuckin sucked

  • Thomas Calabio
    Thomas Calabio  14 days ago +1

    They clearly said it’s from Brooklyn so let’s go to jersey to get the stuff

  • LT War Chief
    LT War Chief  14 days ago

    When you feel like flying from California to New Jersey for a sandwich

  • TheGogeta222
    TheGogeta222  14 days ago

    What does 115° Fahrenheit means for the rest of the world?

  • Fugettaboutit
    Fugettaboutit  14 days ago

    I get this sandwich all the time, essentially with hot roast beef but I also include fried eggplant. One of my favorites.

  • CNMA
    CNMA  21 days ago

    Please make the club sandwich from bricklberry

  • Jamie Procter
    Jamie Procter  21 days ago

    Ahh I cant watch it.. removing the fat = removing flavour!!!!!!!

  • Mitchell Heisserer
    Mitchell Heisserer  21 days ago +3

    The colors looked a little weird in this video maybe check the white balance on the camera.

  • Hyena
    Hyena  21 days ago +21

    I really like the thought of Babish asking for gloves at his local tattoo parlor just so he can look cooler while cooking.

  • deadloxete
    deadloxete  21 days ago

    Babish: I tried to emulate it despite not having a deli slicer-
    me: looks over by toaster where I have a deli slicer Whelp- guess it isn't the most common kitchen item

  • ajay.f
    ajay.f  1 months ago

    I for the life of me can’t understand why people like eating pinkmeat! Like no thank you 🤢🤮

  • Vinny M
    Vinny M  1 months ago

    Dude how long are you going to ignore the broodwich, whole fried cow with cheese injected, and thanksgiving taco pie from Aqua Teen Hunger Force? I mean, even the damn characters are fricking food items!

  • Guy Calabrese
    Guy Calabrese  1 months ago


  • 527 N.Y.C.
    527 N.Y.C.  1 months ago +1