Turning A Salvaged Car Into A Street Legal Race Car Part 4

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 27, 2018
  • They're are unlimited possibilities of what you can do to a salvage car! In this case we are turning it into something unique and crazy fast. This 1500 pound car is going to fly down the streets. We have some big plans for this thing and we hope you guys enjoys the videos! Thanks for watching!!!DF KIT CAR: http://dfkitcar.com -GOONZQUAD T-Shirts: https://goonzquad.com-Become A Patron: https://www.patreon.com/goonzquad-Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goonzquad/-Email: CREDITS: MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8...Music: https://soundcloud.com/nocopyrightsoundshttps://soundcloud.com/7obu/sound-of-...https://soundcloud.com/chillhopdotcomhttps://soundcloud.com/benmaxwellmusi...https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads/i...https://soundcloud.com/jaricomusic/is...https://soundcloud.com/ukiyoau/skylinehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIe5...https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarudhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEic...https://soundcloud.com/freemusicforvl...


  • Alex Sztorc
    Alex Sztorc  7 months ago +310

    Who else has been here since 30k?

  • Joshua Crawford
    Joshua Crawford  7 months ago +114

    I think Nardo Grey would look great with that blue!

  • David Sewell
    David Sewell  7 months ago +26

    I think you boys should build yourselves a workbench . Then you won't be doing everything on the floor... Just a suggestion but a good one i think chaps .... take it easy... P.s don't rush it boys and paint the parts off the donor car ... I think you will regret it boys ... not a criticism just a well meaning suggestion.. Dave from England

  • 420MoB420
    420MoB420  7 months ago +32


  • Bugricua
    Bugricua  7 months ago +11

    *Edited: I love the channel, love the builds, love Thomas and crew. I'm a bit OCD, I know it's time consuming, and I would clean all those parts completely before installing. "You're killing ME Smalls". I was dying inside when you guys installed that rusty axle on the T/A. Keep up the great builds though, big fan here.

    LILPRIME  7 months ago +254

    Is it just me who gets sad when the video is about to end

  • evilution
    evilution  5 months ago +2

    Please don't use silicone on cars. It releases acid as it cures. This can get trapped between the parts, cause corrosion and allow rust to occur.
    On cars, please use polyurethane adhesive.

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson  3 months ago +1

    Love the channel and build, as always. Finally got around to watching this build series and loving it so far. I even got my dad into watching Goonzquad!
    I think that's hilarious. He's almost 70 and has no real idea of what YouTube is for the most part...but he's hooked on this build. After the kit car, I'll make another playlist of their builds and I know he'll get into those too.

  • Shiznuts
    Shiznuts  7 months ago +6

    When as a kid you loved LEGO technics but now are old enough to have your driver's licence.
    That seems like good fun to put together!

  • I messed up
    I messed up  7 months ago +5

    It's looking good boyz! Hope you guys decide to repair the other cobalt to sell. instead of using it for parts for the build.

  • brain b
    brain b  7 months ago +132

    guys, first, merry christmas, and would you ever rebuild your forklift, I think you can do that rebuild in few days, we expecting that, love from croatia

  • Hunter Staggs
    Hunter Staggs  7 months ago +6

    bro y’all are so cool every time i get bored the first thing i do is come here y’all can be funny sometimes and i want to do something like this when i get older i know y’all probably won’t see this be keep doing what y’all do

    ATX-CVPI  7 months ago +5

    Put a Chevy bowtie on the kit car and put the SS emblem on it too.

  • husai ni
    husai ni  7 months ago +2

    And now you become profesional.. really love this channel goonzquad..

  • DaGauntlett
    DaGauntlett  7 months ago +1

    Increasing to the 700k. Up to the 1 million. Well done guys.
    Greetz from The Netherlands.

  • ParaN01D
    ParaN01D  7 months ago +2

    Damn this is gonna be a lit series
    love the vids guys keep it up

  • Haywood Jablome
    Haywood Jablome  7 months ago +2

    DamnItMan !!! Goonzilla Lookin Guud.
    Glad you got Thomas that moto x full face helmet for christmas.
    Where y'all adding the kitty seat?

  • htconex19062012
    htconex19062012  7 months ago +1

    I am in eol and I wish I had your energy 😩☠️🤨🤪😆

  • thanks ace
    thanks ace  7 months ago +1

    Torque wrench for Christmas?? 👍🏼 👍🏼 🔥 🔥

  • Sam P.
    Sam P.  7 months ago +78

    No doubt in my mind that you'll be hitting 1 million soon. Never stop with this incredible content!