All Signs!! Weekly forecast!!💀👌🐌

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 27, 2019


  • Mary Lee
    Mary Lee  2 months ago +370

    Aries 1:07
    Taurus 6:18
    Gemini 10:17
    Cancer 15:11
    Leo 21:40
    Virgo 27:05
    Libra 32:12
    Scorpio 36:48
    Saggie 43:10
    Cappie 48:23
    Aqua 53:08
    Pisces 58:35

  • Margo Murray
    Margo Murray  2 months ago +52

    This Gemini is over it!! Happy Birthday to all my Gemini ♊️ Twins !! It’s our time!! Thanks for the reading ❤️

  • Elisa Baumgarte
    Elisa Baumgarte  2 months ago +23

    Scorpio sun and Virgo assendent : at this point after seeing so much disrespect and betrayal on his part, within a year, I clearly see a pattern here and that is he never really has truly cared or loved me. I don't even think he loves himself, let alone can he offer that to anyone else. I'm starting to believe now more then ever that he's narcissistic, I'm not going down that rabbit hole of twisted emotion again, I was single for almost 6 years trying to heal before I even thought about dating , (I was married to a narc before) No Thank You, I am good. It hurts still kind of because i found myself picking the same kind of man i was once married to but i know my worth and what i have to offer and I want someone who can Love and communicate in the same ways i do.

  • Hope Mikaelson
    Hope Mikaelson  2 months ago +55

    The libra reading (31:50) was so beautiful I think I'm gonna record it on my phone and replay it as incentive.

  • Julz Rulz
    Julz Rulz  2 months ago +17

    Thank you. Yes with Scorpio ♏️ we always feel that intense feeling, it gets hectic at times.

  • Samantha Russo
    Samantha Russo  2 months ago +5

    I'm a LEO. I appreciate the advice on filling my own cups and getting those pentacles first. It's hard to realize/communicate that need with romantic suitors circling my space but your advice is very direct, especially with letting the universe decide for me at times. Thanks💟

  • Kripa S
    Kripa S  2 months ago +19

    Thank you Rich for the profound Libra ♎️ message.. definitely a lesson learned 👍🤜🏻😊

  • Sundown Jones
    Sundown Jones  2 months ago +19

    Gemini here, Lost patience with my ridiculous Taurus ex bf! I'm moving on! ;-)

  • Sheila A.
    Sheila A.  2 months ago +7

    Moving on. Determined. 🤟🏽 LIBRA GANG! Looking in the rear view! Yup, balancing out! 🧘🏽‍♀️

  • Sara Knight
    Sara Knight  2 months ago +2

    The BOM... BOOM so spot on with Libra .. learn your own self worth.. yes there is something you coming in and we taking our time with it getting to really know each other first it's actually quite refreshing thank you Richie

  • B'Shonnette Haith
    B'Shonnette Haith  2 months ago +29

    37:11 Scorpio ♏

  • Cherry
    Cherry  2 months ago +4

    Libra ♎️ here.... everything you said was correct!!! Thank you so much.... still recovering from this pain but I’m finally closer to where I want to be and ready for new things 🥰
    If he every wants to truly apologize in the future, it will be too late due to his stubbornness

  • Lori Haberstroh
    Lori Haberstroh  2 months ago +5

    Ain't a pushi'n,,,
    Ain't a pushi'n.
    Leo on the move rolling smooth and steady lol.
    Actually traveling.

  • Suzyn-C E.
    Suzyn-C E.  2 months ago +6

    Your voices crack me tf up! 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Adrienne Gandolfo
    Adrienne Gandolfo  2 months ago +15

    Aquas ♒️- 53:02

  • Michelle Rutt
    Michelle Rutt  2 months ago +1

    OMG 😮Libra here..sun and moon. Spot the F on. Acceptance is key 🔑Thank you. By the way, I love your voices, you put a smile on my face🙏

  • Anahi Fuentes
    Anahi Fuentes  2 months ago +3

    You're so handsome ✨✨✨ Thank you For Pisces reading. It's a no no for the ex! Focusing on self care and healing 🙏

  • Lina Koulaouzos
    Lina Koulaouzos  2 months ago +6

    Hell no ♓️ ex tower has fallen for good , no reconciliation 🤚🏼 but an old friend from the past captured my heart ❣

  • Aries Adventures
    Aries Adventures  2 months ago +7

    Thank you for the libra reading (libra rising) Your advice is pretty amazing

  • Halah radwan
    Halah radwan  2 months ago +5

    Yes a Leo dealing with a Gemini 🤦🏼‍♀️Always