What students really think about school shootings

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 23, 2018
  • We asked students across the US to share their thoughts on school shootings. Over 1,600 responded.

    Read more about the movement that led to the March for Our Lives: http://bit.ly/2ujnWae

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    To see how students across the country really felt about school shootings, we put out an open request for students to send us their thoughts. Here are some of their responses.

    Gun violence, particularly school shootings, ranks among the most contentious issues in America. Since the February 14, 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, mass shootings have again become a staple of the news cycle.

    This school shooting is distinguished from previous ones, because students around the nation have rallied to organize for safer schools. Whether that means stricter gun control, metal detectors, regulating ammunition sales, or arming teachers, remains unclear.

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  • Vox
    Vox  a years ago +887

    For more insights, take a look at the national polling of young Americans on gun control: http://bit.ly/2G68EHd

    The polling indicates that while young Americans are divided on gun restriction measures, many are decidedly not fans of the NRA.

  • Kathrine Be
    Kathrine Be  17 hours ago

    ... or we can stop bullying

  • Krazeii
    Krazeii  18 hours ago

    this is pure fax make guns illegal

  • Day Cg
    Day Cg  yesterday +1

    Can we just stop selling guns in Walmart or basically everywhere

  • musical fetty
    musical fetty  2 days ago

    I would say smthn but everyone will come for me so I'd rather keep my mouth shut

  • Buttery Memes
    Buttery Memes  2 days ago

    I don't feel safe at school

  • Edward Guzman
    Edward Guzman  2 days ago

    OMG!!! I’m 39 years old in my time there was never ever school shootings and there were a lot less gun laws. 100% of school shootings in mass shootings are caused by white Caucasian. Hold parents responsible.

  • Sara Payne
    Sara Payne  2 days ago +2

    1:29 i agree with that guy 90%

  • ᴍᴀᴅʏ
    ᴍᴀᴅʏ  2 days ago +1

    It’s really sad that 5th graders like me are scared of school shootings

  • Ocean The Sea wing

    The U.S has fallen so far. And now students don't even feel safe at SCHOOL. That shouldn't feel good. U.S government? Where are you? Students are dying. Step up.

  • Poe _thing
    Poe _thing  2 days ago

    I remember our school had an active shooter drill and they wanted to make it as real as possible so they used blanks and lets after more than a few kids started crying and having panic attacks they didn’t do that again.

  • John Warren
    John Warren  2 days ago +1

    If you can't stop bullying you don't have a right to stop the victims of bullying striking back

  • Natalie Z
    Natalie Z  2 days ago

    We can't just simply take guns away, no matter how strict it is, criminals will still get their hands on guns, look at illegal drugs.

  • Exolette
    Exolette  2 days ago

    After leaving America and in the Philippines going to school... it has been better each day thinking that my classroom door doesnt have a lock.

  • Junior James
    Junior James  2 days ago


  • Miguel TM
    Miguel TM  3 days ago

    Griffin gets me

  • Jthejedigaming
    Jthejedigaming  3 days ago

    I mean either around teachers or having campus police officers armed with M4s and M16’s

  • Sokie
    Sokie  3 days ago

    I’m tired of the adults making the decisions for us, they aren’t the ones being shot. We just don’t want to be shot, please.

  • Diego Avila
    Diego Avila  3 days ago

    Nerf or nothing

  • Mohammad javed Ikram
    Mohammad javed Ikram  3 days ago +2

    Real criminals dagulas school students and teachers and inncoent nikolas cruz and Justice for nikolas cruz inncoent