Halsey Monologue - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019


  • Shauna Lyons
    Shauna Lyons  6 months ago +433

    just now realising Halsey is an anagram for Ashley

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP  6 months ago +874

    When did P!nk get so young?!

  • mdudegamer
    mdudegamer  6 months ago +526

    This monologue was very genuine. In a nutshell, "Hey I'm the host and I'm so excited!" Doesn't always have to be a big production.

  • Deven Damji
    Deven Damji  6 months ago +1019

    I love her music but I honestly didn't know she could act. This was a bright showcase of her talent. She has comedic chops. Props to her.

  • Michelle Foucault
    Michelle Foucault  6 months ago +392

    I actually like this shorter monologue. A lot of them can be cringe if the person isn't used to stand up. The worst are when they add some musical/ jazz piece.

  • David Stephens
    David Stephens  6 months ago +396

    She didn’t do as bad as people thought she would

  • Lincoln Zdunich
    Lincoln Zdunich  6 months ago +760

    Amazing that Halsey is both the musical guest and the host. It’s a beautiful combination that I’m surprised SNL doesn’t do more often!

  • Leonaza7
    Leonaza7  6 months ago +485

    Halsey looks stunning tonight. She’s gorgeous.

  • lizard4343
    lizard4343  6 months ago +552

    That accent is on point

  • spicy_tiger_roll
    spicy_tiger_roll  6 months ago +131

    You ramembah huh, the singah???

  • biscuit bandit
    biscuit bandit  6 months ago +25

    "Ashley Nicolette Frangipane"😆😆😆

  • Maddisson Pough
    Maddisson Pough  6 months ago +350


  • Foolin with FLUFFY !
    Foolin with FLUFFY !  6 months ago +358

    She owned it. I love her hair cut

  • Shrinky Dinky
    Shrinky Dinky  6 months ago +46

    I actually really liked this monologue. Short sweet and to the point

  • steven alvarez
    steven alvarez  6 months ago +124

    She's singing EastSide (Without Khalid) and Painting at the same time WTF!!!

  • Subscribe To Me For No Reason

    Soulja Boy: "I made Halsey"

  • James Chesney
    James Chesney  6 months ago +181

    Damn she got thighs ❤️

  • Andrea Umba
    Andrea Umba  6 months ago +25

    Halsey looks similar like P!nk if you agree with me

  • Cypresssina
    Cypresssina  6 months ago +9

    Halsey kicked some butt. I thought she was a cast member for most of her skits.

  • Sahitya K
    Sahitya K  6 months ago +84

    She seems to pose after every line