Trump Purging HUNDREDS Of Scientists

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019
  • Donald Trump is about to displace a BUNCH of USDA scientists. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

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  • RobS ZZZ
    RobS ZZZ  6 months ago +1

    Let’s please get this a$$ clown outta office 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith  6 months ago

    Liberals shouldn't get rid of guns but stockpile them so we can defend ourselves against the right wingers

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith  6 months ago

    The Declaration of Independence gives us the right to overthrow the government if we see a need.

  • Drake ICN
    Drake ICN  6 months ago

    Is it just me, or does anyone else suspect that Murka is gonna have a brain drain soon? All the scientists start fearing for their gainful employment and will make plans to move to Canada or Europe or even South America?

  • Frank Crossword
    Frank Crossword  6 months ago

    As an outsider looking in at this in the UK,because of the brexitbollox, there's "hope" that America will cut a trade deal .
    At present,Imported food here in the UK has stringent quality control , Heaven's to betsy what will become of us. ?

  • Kylem
    Kylem  6 months ago

    See this is the stuff about trump and the GOP that really worry me

  • Paul Di
    Paul Di  6 months ago

    Wow that's crazy

  • Patrick NEZ
    Patrick NEZ  6 months ago

    Science.. facts.. truth.. these are viewed as enemies by Trump and his administration. Intelligence. Scepticism. The ability to think critically. These are all things that Republicans view with contempt. They despise smart, rational people, because smart, rational people can see through their BS. We have officially entered a dark age in American history. When something like climate change is viewed as "political," to the right, I feel it is very telling. In America, we put stupid, immoral people in positions of leadership. Wonder how this will work out for our country.. spoiler alert, terribly. We'll continue to decline, and our average citizen will become increasingly illiterate. Just like the Republicans, and the Corporate Dems like it.

  • James Frank
    James Frank  6 months ago

    Science will prove his hair and tan are fake...we can't have that...

  • ME T
    ME T  6 months ago

    Thank you once again, Green Party for “saving” us from Hillary Clinton.

  • Lazy Eye Jones
    Lazy Eye Jones  6 months ago

    Oh no, not the FDA. You mean the people who allow sand to be put into taco Bell meat and don't mind carcinogens in your food as long as it's a tolerable amount?

    Whatever could they have done to deserve this?!?!

  • Paul Max
    Paul Max  6 months ago

    Trump is so ignorant that anyone who has his ear can change his mind by pitching whatever agenda they have. He has no way of judging or determining the validity of someones pitch to him because he has little education,won’t read or research anything and won’t consult experts.He is so dangerous to the health,safety and future of our people.He must be stopped.He is so ignorant that he doesn’t even know how dangerous he is. Please people,vote him OUT!

  • Ivan Burghart
    Ivan Burghart  6 months ago

    Whoa there Sam. Kansas City isn't the "sideline" it's a city. It's not "out in the fields".
    This coastalism shit treating most of the country as fly-over is getting old.

  • Mitchel Evans
    Mitchel Evans  6 months ago

    Side thought: what happens to their healthcare insurance?
    The lost positions, of course, will NOT be filled, essentially destroying the FDA.
    Dictatorship’s wheels are turning, and the House is sitting its hands re impeachment.

  • MinecraftBoy4237
    MinecraftBoy4237  6 months ago

    Stalin purged all his doctors then died from a stroke because no one could treat him

  • Liesbeth de Vries
    Liesbeth de Vries  6 months ago

    Fascism pure now - get rid of scientists.

  • Capricious Men
    Capricious Men  6 months ago +1

    Who needs them right? Post Industrial, Post Historical and Post Truth. Show me the money!

  • M & M
    M & M  6 months ago

    Explains why Trump is distracting us.

  • MP197742
    MP197742  6 months ago +1

    It might be even worse than you think. Once you drive out the real scientists, who do you replace them with? Well, based on what we’ve seen from Trump, you replace them with conservative tribalists that will promote agendas over science while using the USDA’s reputation and stamp to legitimize their claims and actions.

  • nuance
    nuance  6 months ago

    Who's going to work for the government if you're just one conservative president away from being told what to say, and to pick up your life and move to Kansas City?