2 Chainz and Wale Meet a $500K Matchmaker | Most Expensivest | VICELAND & GQ

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018


  • Malcolm Lofton
    Malcolm Lofton  a years ago +1259

    "If you ugly and got a low self esteem, you better get you some money" 😂

  • J.R.TV
    J.R.TV  a years ago +1200

    "Donald Trump doesn't like black people" that Kanye reference 😂😭

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B  a years ago +2059

    She said she has a "Stable" of clients.🤣
    Real pimpish

  • Livi B
    Livi B  a years ago +2491

    2 chainz be keeping it real asf

  • Dedra Hopkins
    Dedra Hopkins  11 months ago +920

    Sis popping up at the wedding to collect her coins. 😂

  • Dan B
    Dan B  a years ago +752

    “Everytime I walk into first class, they ask me who I play for” 😂😂😂

  • ViveChris
    ViveChris  a years ago +555

    I love how 2chainz just clowns on her the whole time but she doesn’t really care because she’s getting exposure lmao 😂

  • Maxwell Lynch
    Maxwell Lynch  a years ago +934

    Pay $150,000 to 500,000 to have someone find you a GOLDIGGER. That’s logical. This is prob the best scam next to charities and selling bottled water.

  • El /\/iño
    El /\/iño  a years ago +1704

    I don’t think a wife is worth that much tbh 😂

  • Avery Hendrick
    Avery Hendrick  a years ago +1456

    Wale needs to be featured in more most expensivests

  • 巻き毛の美しさl a u r e n .

    wale is literally a hopeless romantic 😭

  • Powah
    Powah  a years ago +681

    Bruh, I can find you a match for $20 and a happy meal.

  • SpAcED_ OuT
    SpAcED_ OuT  a years ago +701

    Wale trying to find the camera was everything 😂

  • A
    A  a years ago +633

    So let me get this straight so when she is talking about woman not having the money upfront... What she really means is that she can find a wealthy person, marry him or whatever and then take his money to pay her for the match making, SMH...

  • KingKillwatts
    KingKillwatts  a years ago +350

    3:10 Wale: “Are you running a brothel”

  • djkoolrod
    djkoolrod  a years ago +566

    Ain’t no woman paying for no 🍆💦💦💦

  • BAH
    BAH  a years ago +250

    Wale get out of my shot this camers is suppose to see evey chain i got on. I about died when he said that

  • john ayacko
    john ayacko  a years ago +247

    is she 24 yo?! she looks way order than that.

  • Only Natural
    Only Natural  a years ago +259

    “Donald trump doesnt like black people” 3:14 💀💀

  • 巻き毛の美しさl a u r e n .