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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 7, 2019
  • Special thanks to Hoshino Kurumi for sharing her story.

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  • Sharifah Aljofree
    Sharifah Aljofree  2 hours ago

    Such a dangerous lifestyle..may GOD protect her..alhamdullilah for islam..a religion that raise the status of woman instead of being an object for men..i wonder what would happen in the future 30 years time?? spending their hard earn money for this?? blessing in the money..honestly ..i am 100 times prettier than you..but i am only EXCLUSIVE for my husband..this is a pathway that lead to misery..leave this lifestyle..find an honest job..even if it is not paid as high as this..i promise you will be happier...TRUST ME..

  • Ice Flex
    Ice Flex  5 hours ago

    Seems like Japanese really likes company

  • Linh Vũ
    Linh Vũ  5 hours ago

    Her personality is so charming and she's also unbelievably gorgeous already 😍 !!! I hope she doesn't do plastic surgery

  • Lily Husse
    Lily Husse  10 hours ago

    She is so elegant and feminine.

  • Avantika Rana
    Avantika Rana  yesterday

    Most lovely part from 8:03 to 8:42😍

  • Unknown I am
    Unknown I am  yesterday

    Anyone got the instrumental at the begining?

  • 如意
    如意  yesterday

    Hiroko seems to have a great personality! Her interviews are always fun to watch.

  • Hades CX
    Hades CX  yesterday

    If they flirt and i like it then yes we have yea it happens...
    Next question should have been : what is your score.... But hiroko turns out to be smart. She already has an idea of it.

  • valspar89
    valspar89  yesterday

    2 hours to get ready, 1 minute to mess it all up in the bed.

  • Hyacynth Kwon
    Hyacynth Kwon  yesterday

    She's so pretty and seems to be so comfortable to be around with. Honestly, I would also want to be her customer, lmao.

  • wayne Chong
    wayne Chong  2 days ago

    i like to be a customer

  • Yopuhcak
    Yopuhcak  2 days ago

    I would bang Hiroko if she decides to become a hostess. That disarranged teeth so sexy...

  • Gude_Ciel
    Gude_Ciel  2 days ago

    Wait so I may be out of topic and wrong here but isn't this the Club Juliet from Kurofuku Monogatari? Idk but its look similar? But I'm pretty sure I watched this local before

  • Sword of Faith
    Sword of Faith  2 days ago

    A high priced lady of the night who may or may not go all the way. She must be really good to get men to pay up the wazoo just to sit and chat with her.

  • Dakilang Maginoo
    Dakilang Maginoo  4 days ago

    I thought hostess as in a girl host

  • *さくらこちゃん*


  • One Stop Solution

    Can anyone tell the music used at the beginning when Kurumi introduces herself. It's freaking good.

  • Your name is Jeff

    Matthew 16:26 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?..
    This is sad

  • Yasmin Marques
    Yasmin Marques  5 days ago

    Entrevista clara, objetiva e sincera. Parabens ao canal

  • EJoon Han
    EJoon Han  5 days ago

    The thumbnail! She really resemble NCT/WayV Lucas 😯