underrated k-pop moments that had me SHOOK

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 3, 2019
  • JTBC and mbc copyrighted me twenty times for this


  • la luna
    la luna  3 days ago +8

    my apologies for the lack of ~crackhead content~ school is really whooping my ass rn lmao 🥺🥺 y’all can follow my twt if u want more uwu @whoreforjeno

  • hAn jIsUng oPpAr
    hAn jIsUng oPpAr  4 hours ago


  • Ethan Lel
    Ethan Lel  4 hours ago

    Wouldnt it be interesting if they made a kpop group consist of males and female?

  • aleja cedeño
    aleja cedeño  9 hours ago

    11:28 jisung saying adios has me

  • CosmicSakura
    CosmicSakura  18 hours ago

    Jimin dancing blindfolded was definitely underrated, imagine how much practice went into just making sure he was facing the right direction and not falling off balance.

  • Rachel M.
    Rachel M.  yesterday

    7:29 I love how their flavor text sound effects matched the beat of the song. 😂

  • Deja Monet
    Deja Monet  yesterday

    The k-pop artists are great or whatever, but the person who edited this video is funny af

  • Chris Fo
    Chris Fo  yesterday

    The Creep cover was amazingggg

    TBH i thought i was the only one who kept that on repeat

  • plᴉɥɔuooɯ
    plᴉɥɔuooɯ  2 days ago

    I didn't get the first one... lol but everything else is amazing

  • Elizabeth Menjivar

    I don't know who I would rather be somin or hui

  • isis ross
    isis ross  3 days ago

    Breathtaking, huh? It might be more apt to say that Siyeon's performance left you...SpEeChLeSs? Hahahahaha, ok, I'll let myself out.

    Also, the guy in the background at 9:48 is literally me!

    Also also, Jimin and JHope in that Boy Meets Evil intro is one of my favorite things to watch on repeat, just💕

  • Justine Megauli
    Justine Megauli  4 days ago

    day 6 yasssssssss my boysss

  • Ren Unnie
    Ren Unnie  4 days ago

    I don't know whether or not I like that 90% of this video is my biases/wreckers.... Because most of these videos are videos that I've seen thousands times and NEED to avoid in order to live ....

  • uh
    uh  4 days ago

    i’ve always thought jimin’s blindfold was see through

  • Eylül Avşar
    Eylül Avşar  4 days ago

    Why i am aloneeeee
    That s why yo mydays

  • Short Hair Don't Care
    Short Hair Don't Care  5 days ago +1

    Hwasa's performance of wish you were gay, ugh yes

  • ilovecake 997
    ilovecake 997  7 days ago

    Changbin and Han left YG shook

    Satay Here Here

  • clarence cendaña
    clarence cendaña  7 days ago

    5:57 <3

  • mgraven44
    mgraven44  7 days ago

    i'm glad i'm cultured enough to have seen most of these but HUI ANDFLAKWDJRF;AKLSHFKL;JAL; THAT CLIP ADF;LJA;LJ

  • Eva L
    Eva L  7 days ago

    oh my gosh please make a part two