twenty one pilots - Regional at Best: The Web Series (Teaser)

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 20, 2011
  • Every show. Every city. Every story. Everyone of you.twenty one pilots and Reel Bear Media present a new web series based around the lives and interactions of twenty one pilots.Subscribe for more official content from twenty one pilots: Store: Site: #TOP #RegionalAtBest #BehindTheScenes #FueledByRamen


  • caruso
    caruso  3 years ago +372

    i wish i'd have discovered them earlier.

  • Michelle Martin
    Michelle Martin  3 years ago +382

    Look how they made it this far, kid.

  • stella r
    stella r  3 years ago +212

    untitled demo 2011 kicks in as do my tears.

  • zieloniak Alt
    zieloniak Alt  2 years ago +76

    Only 6 comments from 5 years ago...

  • skybroke
    skybroke  4 years ago +90

    there is nothing i could possibly say to describe how these guys make me feel.

  • Stitt Happens
    Stitt Happens  3 years ago +198

    I love these guys so much. Seriously. Not because of of attractiveness or something as low as that. I love them for who they are as people. I love them for inspiring me when I really needed it. They kept me alive. They kept my creativity flowing, so I shall flow my love over them in return. Thank yøu

  • Kai Widman
    Kai Widman  2 years ago +102

    WE DID IT!

  • dumb bitch
    dumb bitch  2 years ago +82

    i'm not crying my eyes are sweating

  • jinslover
    jinslover  3 years ago +47

    Oooh I love me some untitled demo 2011

  • Natalie O.
    Natalie O.  3 years ago +132

    They've come so far

  • blurrykatie
    blurrykatie  3 years ago +25

    who are the three people who disliked I will fight

  • Kristina S
    Kristina S  4 years ago +32

    This is just so beautiful |-/

  • Adriana Garcia-Perez
    Adriana Garcia-Perez  3 years ago +26

    and look at where we are now

  • Gillian Olortegui
    Gillian Olortegui  5 years ago +15

    Eeeeep I love this album; its just not on iTunes :(

  • broccoli
    broccoli  3 years ago +35

    we did it

  • Karina Chartaeva
    Karina Chartaeva  a years ago +9

    Untitled demo 2011 IM CRYING

  • A. del Rosario
    A. del Rosario  3 years ago +17

    thank god for twenty one pilots

  • Veronica Orin
    Veronica Orin  3 years ago +9

    I like tøp because the meaning in their lyrics like when I first listened to them I was drawing it was just background music and then I watched lyric videos and I just loved how you have to listen fir the meaning for the lyrics because if u don't its just a happy little song idk but the lyrics are so relatable and their style is just so unique you know

  • anoosheh
    anoosheh  3 years ago +22

    wait what song is in the beginning?

  • dat bøi
    dat bøi  2 years ago +7

    who else noticed they spelled the website wrong in the description