$300 Copart 2003 BMW 745i Review

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 21, 2019
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  • TERRYS OLD THINGS  5 months ago

    Don't pass it up buy it

  • Leo  4 months ago

    I doubt he can make much profit, if any

  • Anthony Burriesci  5 months ago

    We all know Randy is getting this BMW. It’s a winner!!!

  • Frank McKee  5 months ago

    I agree with you. He will buy it.

  • Stephen Knott  5 months ago

    The sports badge and wheels are not genuine BMW.

  • Maxim  5 months ago


  • David Perkins  5 months ago

    Well Randy, you claim to be good with wiring and electrics so getting this car operable might prove how good you really are.

  • lol, this one is a loser

  • Ric Christie  5 months ago

    Hey, for 5-600 bucks, why not? Be aware that the iDrive system may drive you to drink. :)

  • Total Tech  5 months ago

    They are plagued with trans issues. Timing chain oil leaks. The coolant isn't in the box. Oil isn't available to check with a stick. Only trans. If you buy that for 300 let me know. I'm coming out.Have a sweet of b7 alpina rims

  • Michael Bamber  4 months ago

    Total tech, I run one, 150k not a problem, that was the engine oil dipstick, put it back in an pull it out again, air locks oil out. Shit myself first time mine did it. Nothing wrong with the engine, I've had this engine in older 740, a range rover , and so have many friends and my brother and dad. Only one person popped his by running on lpg and over heating it. Change your gearbox oil ever 50k an it will keep going, mates has 375k on it so far.

  • TalismenF22  5 months ago

    And I know for a fact the valve train in these will leave you on the side of the road with a huge repair bill

  • Good Day Randy!!!! Yes, buy that car

  • Umar Khameery  5 months ago

    Buy it. it would be a nice project

  • gil zur  4 months ago

    Scotty Kilmer won't be happy 😅

  • cloakedwarbird  5 months ago

    Since YouTube is essentially buying it for you, go for it.

  • Corpus  3 months ago

    cloakedwarbird well he doesn't have ads from way I've seen so he gets view money witch isn't much at all I think it's like 5 cents every hundred views maybe a dollar I don't remember and I doubt he's monitzed or sponsored so ide say he has a job or something

  • Quonset TheHutt  5 months ago

    These cars even when they run are complete basket cases. They’re worth negative money

  • Cedric Jones  3 months ago