26 Austin Breakfast Tacos in 10 Hours. Which is the Best? | Bon Appétit

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 27, 2018
  • Join Bon Appétit web editor Alex Delany as he searches for the best Breakfast Taco that Austin, Texas has to offer.

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    26 Austin Breakfast Tacos in 10 Hours. Which is the Best? | Bon Appétit


  • Christopher Todd Jordan

    Live Music Capital of the World: Austin
    Breakfast Taco Capital of the World: Not Austin

  • AuraMaster
    AuraMaster  6 days ago

    "Not here for BBQ, not here for football, not here for music".

    Well then wtf? We aren't known for breakfast tacos.... Get some damn brisket

  • Jarred Lozano
    Jarred Lozano  7 days ago

    Mclovin’s cool older brother

  • Ian Dauphinee
    Ian Dauphinee  7 days ago

    Come to atlantic canada and try some of the famous acadian cuisine

  • rigotographer
    rigotographer  7 days ago

    Only place I've had a breakfast taco is Taco Shack. Which you didn't go to. The other ones look good. Maybe I'll stay from the path

  • hewhoeatsall
    hewhoeatsall  14 days ago


  • Angelica Banda
    Angelica Banda  14 days ago

    lmao i got a crush on the damn uncle

  • N E O X 1 8 7
    N E O X 1 8 7  14 days ago

    do a kickflip

  • Sam Kunz
    Sam Kunz  21 days ago

    Couldn't get a release because..........I'm guessing, Illegal? No Permit? No Green Card? LOL

  • Dean
    Dean  21 days ago

    should've gone up to San Pedro Limon up in Georgetown, best tacos in the area.

  • Tgodxvx
    Tgodxvx  21 days ago


  • DisneyDoctor
    DisneyDoctor  21 days ago

    He has to go to 13 places, WHY would he offer to do 2 tacos at each place?!?! so... many... tacos!!!

  • Maddie H
    Maddie H  21 days ago

    I couldn't finish this because it made me so deeply jealous as someone who grew up in Texas and has since moved away.

  • Odessa Lawton
    Odessa Lawton  28 days ago

    I have a uncle sunny too!

  • Paloma
    Paloma  28 days ago

    ofc rositas my baby

  • HaleyAleina1
    HaleyAleina1  28 days ago

    Make more of these episodes!!!

  • Nicholas de Lucena

    Bacon, eggs, potatoes and cheese: the american idea of a breakfast is almost a meal for lunch.

  • M Ns
    M Ns  1 months ago

    How about mexico city - tacos al pastor?

  • Manuel Ramirez
    Manuel Ramirez  1 months ago +11

    If you want the best tacos, drive down IH-35 an hour and a half and get some from San Antonio.

  • Gabby Paul
    Gabby Paul  1 months ago +5

    Cheese curds in Wisconsin! Fried vs fresh at various places perhaps? Love this series so much!