SNL Compilation: "I Wish It Was Christmas Today"

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 24, 2018


  • caromelette
    caromelette  8 months ago +813

    my favorite thing about this is how Tracy Morgan's face never changes in any of them

  • Brandon Farnsworth
    Brandon Farnsworth  8 months ago +248

    The only SNL skit Jimmy Fallon never broke character

  • Mandar Akre
    Mandar Akre  8 months ago +248

    Xmas is never complete without listening this song.

  • caromelette
    caromelette  8 months ago +342

    honestly one of the best Christmas songs out there. bless the person who edited this together

  • julie king
    julie king  8 months ago +188

    Tracy Morgan’s face kills me every time

  • michelle hammer
    michelle hammer  8 months ago +156

    Kid comedy education level 2 unlocked: My daughter finally gets why this is funny.

  • domiii amico
    domiii amico  8 months ago +95

    "I wish it was Christmas todaaaaay"

    I'm gonna sing this every day other than actual Christmas

  • M W
    M W  8 months ago +77

    I love Tracy Morgan's dancing.

  • Chris Valera
    Chris Valera  8 months ago +126

    Jimmy Fallon could never play 3 notes right on the keyboard.

  • Claire Cicero
    Claire Cicero  8 months ago +69

    Real talk, why don’t they play this on the radio

  • Christopher Rickerd
    Christopher Rickerd  8 months ago +41

    All about Horatio and Tracy in this skit. Love the Peanuts dancing!

  • SMbigpapi
    SMbigpapi  8 months ago +17

    Does anybody else stay locked in on Tracy Morgan's face hoping his expressing will change or is it just me?

  • Machiwoomiapoo
    Machiwoomiapoo  8 months ago +46

    Super awesome song. Thanks for editing this. I think I have that synthesizer at home somewhere.

  • Ash O
    Ash O  8 months ago +20

    8/10 needs more sleighbell

  • Nurse Painless
    Nurse Painless  7 months ago +14

    Chris Kattan head thing always kills me...

  • Michael Head
    Michael Head  7 months ago +5

    snl should bring this back in 2019. Chris, tracy, jimmy and horatio should do it again.

  • Matthew Jeffrey
    Matthew Jeffrey  8 months ago +21

    santa’s sleigh is making its way to the USA!

  • -Chris-
    -Chris-  8 months ago +15

    Tracy absolutely killed it...he makes this sketch. 😂

  • Laylaa
    Laylaa  8 months ago +29

    Merry Christmas to all of you

  • Going Places
    Going Places  8 months ago +19

    I miss these days