Rebuilding a Burnt 2016 Dodge Hellcat part 1

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 29, 2018
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    This is one of the WORST hellcats out in the auctions!! and I'm going to rebuild it!! I hope you guys enjoy this walk through & cant wait to get started!!! Have a happy new years!!!

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    DIY GANG  8 months ago +201

    If your reading this now...know the car is almost done!😉🤙

  • Allan Galvan
    Allan Galvan  7 days ago

    Where you guys DIY GANG

  • Mark R
    Mark R  21 days ago

    If you bought it at Copart did it not come with a salvage title ??

  • ewok
    ewok  21 days ago

    I bet it cost less to build his own than buy one.

  • Soar Roblox
    Soar Roblox  1 months ago

    Hellcat from hell

  • ValeJackYT
    ValeJackYT  1 months ago


  • Jake Green
    Jake Green  2 months ago

    Congrats a Yt channel with a following bought for like the 40k and now a regular income from sponsorship and views.. Great work.

  • TAZ 13
    TAZ 13  2 months ago

    just fund your channel and am like what i am seeing .

  • Alex G
    Alex G  2 months ago

    Me:mom can we get a car
    Mom: we have a car at home

  • Michael Spadaro
    Michael Spadaro  2 months ago

    >all this effort on a fire shell
    There are easier and less painful ways to throw money away and waste time.

  • zeroman t99
    zeroman t99  2 months ago

    Song dollar nedlles

  • Nhichi Lin
    Nhichi Lin  2 months ago

    Jokes on you all guys he built it

  • Scott Calihan
    Scott Calihan  2 months ago

    Literally went to hell and back!!

  • Rustler Dreams 83
    Rustler Dreams 83  2 months ago

    I just watched the rebuilding a burnt dodge helcat in minutes video and I was impressed. You definitely have alot of passion for doing this. When I first saw the car I thought you were crazy LOL but when you were finished that looks awesome

  • Cesar Ferrari
    Cesar Ferrari  2 months ago

    This is a DIY proyect

  • Danilo Rivera
    Danilo Rivera  2 months ago

    wow, he made it brand new

  • Igor Erler
    Igor Erler  2 months ago

    That was amazing man. YOU aRE real master! HELLO from Kazakhstan.

  • KanRyan
    KanRyan  2 months ago

    God, it took 9 month!
    Good job bro, ive been here with all this trash talk but still believe that you will make it

  • Lance James
    Lance James  2 months ago

    Can’t believe it’s fixed

  • Chris Oh
    Chris Oh  3 months ago

    Does this car have a clean tittle ?