Rebuilding a Burnt 2016 Dodge Hellcat part 1

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 29, 2018
  • check out my videos! is one of the WORST hellcats out in the auctions!! and I'm going to rebuild it!! I hope you guys enjoy this walk through & cant wait to get started!!! Have a happy new years!!!Become a patron-


  • D.I.Y GANG
    D.I.Y GANG  3 months ago +130

    If your reading this now...know the car is almost done!😉🤙

  • Zeus Caboose de Jesus
    Zeus Caboose de Jesus  7 months ago +181

    This dude goes to the cemetary and is like, "look at all the hot babes...a little makeup and WOW..."

  • phat cat mouse killer
    phat cat mouse killer  6 months ago +125

    Just disconnect the battery for 30 min and hook it back up it should start right up

  • NPC trolling to wake you up 4253

    Step one, replace entire car with new hellcat. Step 2, enjoy.

  • Fred Jan
    Fred Jan  7 months ago +179

    Re what ?? did you say rebuild ? rebuilding this junk will cost you more than buying a brand new one from the dealer.

  • Ezrider92356
    Ezrider92356  7 months ago +1482

    that car is not worth rebuilding.

  • Replayys
    Replayys  6 months ago +53

    Just put some flex tape on that bad boy

  • Vadim Dale
    Vadim Dale  7 months ago +107

    I guess you’re going with a convertible Hellcat???

  • David Mcclaughry
    David Mcclaughry  7 months ago +10

    It's worth rebuilding if u want a long YouTube show an want to blow minds

  • The King's Servant
    The King's Servant  7 months ago +183

    No way that this car will ever see the road again unless its on a flat bed on the way to a junkyard🤣😂

  • Draniel_TJE
    Draniel_TJE  7 months ago +47

    wtf is u gonna rebuild

  • Jaycee 925
    Jaycee 925  7 months ago +16

    Add blinker fluid youll be good

  • Giovanni Alvarez
    Giovanni Alvarez  7 months ago +14

    you should put in rice for couple of days

  • Breac Mac
    Breac Mac  2 months ago +12

    This has to be an April fools joke not one thing on that car is any good.

  • vTuned garage
    vTuned garage  7 months ago +402

    Have you tried turning it on and off should fix it.

    JJ CASH  7 months ago

    Imagine buying it after then getting a Carfax on it then Googling the vin and seeing the pictures....😳
    If you rebuild it just keep it forever it will be more respected for generations!

  • ted varglien
    ted varglien  7 months ago +6


  • Chris Rose
    Chris Rose  7 months ago +5

    It would be absolutely insane if you managed to restore this thing. Good luck man, Imma sub and watch the progress 👌 👌

  • David Luciemable
    David Luciemable  2 months ago +6

    Just take it to the local Pay ‘n Spray, should be fine 😂

  • armadillo platypus
    armadillo platypus  7 months ago +207

    It should not be fixed. The heat would have weakened the structure beyond repair. This guy is living in a fantasy.