Rebuilding a Burnt 2016 Dodge Hellcat part 1

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 29, 2018
  • check out my videos! is one of the WORST hellcats out in the auctions!! and I'm going to rebuild it!! I hope you guys enjoy this walk through & cant wait to get started!!! Have a happy new years!!!Become a patron-


  • D.I.Y GANG  1 months ago

    If your reading this now...know the car is almost done!😉🤙

  • Ya only spent twice what the car cost new to rebuild it. What a steal of a deal

  • Ret Samwal  2 days ago

    @Ivan Jasper samcrac is a used pad

  • Juan del Diablo  5 months ago

    This dude goes to the cemetary and is like, "look at all the hot babes...a little makeup and WOW..."

  • Harlan T  19 days ago

    Damn didn't even have to write the comment myself lol

  • DSSPC  1 months ago

    ha ha ha

  • Just disconnect the battery for 30 min and hook it back up it should start right up

  • Step one, replace entire car with new hellcat. Step 2, enjoy.

  • D.I.Y GANG  5 months ago


  • Fred Jan  5 months ago

    Re what ?? did you say rebuild ? rebuilding this junk will cost you more than buying a brand new one from the dealer.

  • M.J. Lyman  5 days ago

    I Jan..... 90% salvaged titles , junk ..... However I don't mind watching..... None of them have any resale value whatsoever ...... Expensive burnout cars no pun unintended, if I had my druthers those are the only kind cars to run the fuck out of. Burn rubber baby Burn rubber.

  • Tommy Warner  10 days ago

    Just Bianaca another wreck vehicle and put the engine in it

  • Draniel_TJE  5 months ago

    wtf is u gonna rebuild

  • Raiyan Chowdhury  18 days ago

    Draniel_TJE 😂😂😂

  • If the vin is worth it? Otherwise let's get real. EVERY bit of metal MUST be replaced

  • Replayys  4 months ago

    Just put some flex tape on that bad boy

  • The King's Servant  5 months ago

    No way that this car will ever see the road again unless its on a flat bed on the way to a junkyard🤣😂

  • Trey Tullier  1 months ago

    Wilby Jijo yea thank god he used a whole mother hellcat body and engine bay

  • Wilby Jijo  1 months ago

    @Trey Tullier how you like it now

  • Breac Mac  21 days ago

    This has to be an April fools joke not one thing on that car is any good.