Jason Nash shading Trisha Payta’s weight for 5 minutes straight

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 16, 2018
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  • tab By
    tab By  5 days ago

    8 nuggets? nevermind I buy a 20 pc or don’t get nuggets at all 😂

  • / Y O U N G / MSP
    / Y O U N G / MSP  28 days ago

    (This comment isn’t related to the video) I cant eat infront of boys.. idk y I guess I feel like they will call me fat.

  • twilightsims
    twilightsims  28 days ago

    reading these comments u can tell half of them are vlog squad stans acting like jason is trying to help but if it was the other way around and trisha talking like that to jason they would lose their sh*t

  • Lola Montez
    Lola Montez  1 months ago

    5'3" and 90lbs. Lol. Not.

  • Isabella Emmanuilidis

    what an asshole

  • Nikki J
    Nikki J  1 months ago

    Jason Nash is gross and washed up and clings to young you tubers for a career.... red flag NUMBER ONE. Glad she got away from that

  • Suzie
    Suzie  2 months ago

    I understand him. I hate to be with someone who allways thinks about food. I eat when Im hungry.

  • Casual American
    Casual American  2 months ago

    0:52 she’s not 90 lbs I’m dead I’m 86 pounds and younger than h3r

  • iknowthetruth4eve r
    iknowthetruth4eve r  2 months ago

    Hes a disgusting person

  • Phoebe Batchelor
    Phoebe Batchelor  2 months ago

    This isn’t him help her, this is him humiliating her on camera and making her feel awful about herself. That is not the way to make someone healthy and he knows that. He’s just a massive prick I’m so glad they’re not togther

  • Angela Wynter Palermo

    He suxxx

  • Idalina Nascimento
    Idalina Nascimento  2 months ago

    He was so toxic

  • FindingMy WAY
    FindingMy WAY  2 months ago

    He needs to fuck off your beautiful Lady

  • K S
    K S  2 months ago

    What a loser he is lol hes so insecure

  • Colby Mcghee
    Colby Mcghee  2 months ago

    Did she say 5`3. And 90 pounds? C`mon 190 more like it

  • Lauren Lovell
    Lauren Lovell  2 months ago

    The world and your health doesn’t care about your feelings. It’s healthy to appreciate someone who can criticize things you are doing wrong. She has always had odd eating habits and negative ideas about her weight. Surrounding yourself by only “yes” people will land you in the shit storm this person has become. She couldn’t take the truth Jason was giving her. Which is....eat right or it will bite you in the ass when you turn Jason’s age.

  • annika tobin
    annika tobin  2 months ago

    he’s literally as fat as her...

  • Just Another Person
    Just Another Person  2 months ago

    “They’re gonna find us dead in this apartment.”

  • Roxane Walker
    Roxane Walker  2 months ago +1

    Honestly i knew this would not work

  • Phillips Mom
    Phillips Mom  2 months ago

    This guy is gross.