Jason Nash shading Trisha Payta’s weight for 5 minutes straight

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 16, 2018
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  • Aiana G  4 months ago

    Is Jason on drugs he's always fidgity and always chewing gum like a crack head lol

  • Aubrey Juliet  21 days ago

    @Jayda Butler Which is his excuse for his Adderall addiction. AKA "prescription meth"

  • Aubrey Juliet  21 days ago

    It's Adderall ... basically prescription meth. You can find this stuff everywhere in LA!

  • haleyriscool  4 months ago

    Jason has gained weight since they started dating danf

  • Celina Martin  28 days ago


  • Lukey Moon  2 months ago

    @Insert pretentious crap about myself here. rude

  • Flander Fiend  4 months ago

    Okay real talk although Trisha obviously has an unhealthy relationship with food, shaming someone for eating while it's happening is just NOT the way to go about it. It's degrading and so hurtful. Idc how "worried" you are for your partner - DON'T make th feel bad while they're eating! Talk to them AFTER the fact.

  • Sweet Cheeks  15 days ago

    Weight shaming works for people in asian countries.

  • nobody  21 days ago

    she definately has an eating disorder. I have binge eating

  • Jasper Birmingham  4 months ago

    Is called worrying about someone’s health lmao idk why my generation regulates obesity 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • araviki pita  2 days ago

    He's literally toxic.He obviously suffers from an eating disorder and has a bad relationship with food

  • PeasleP  2 days ago

    Dude she is literally the worst influence on kids it’s maddening

  • AnimusFlux  4 months ago

    She is going to have massive health issues when she hits 40

  • 晴朗Sunny  2 days ago

    @Abi Wilson breakups make people stop eating. Doesn't mean she's not fat still.

  • Abi Wilson  4 days ago

    AnimusFlux She’s lost about 40 pounds since they broke up. She still has a super unhealthy relationship with food though, lots of ED behavior

  • mini m&m  4 months ago

    Man this is so uncomfortable. Jason monitoring what she’s eating and how much she’s eating is so unhealthy and it seems to actually fuel her self destructive over eating. It’s a never ending cycle of being criticized for food choices -> becoming defensive -> eating more

  • 晴朗Sunny  2 days ago

    Yea he should just upset the whole media by breaking up with her because shes too fat and eats fat.

  • i Rebel  26 days ago

    @Emely Marie she sat there and wolfed down 20 nuggets. She just loves to be pitied and play the victim role. She broke up with him once before because he told her she needed to eat healthier.

  • 1. 1  4 months ago

    god this makes me wanna cry. i’m so insecure about eating in front of people and i couldnt imagine being in a relationship like this.

  • Victoria O'Neill  1 months ago

    1.1 You couldn't imagine Jason or Trisha being in a relationship like this? Both are in a uncomfortable situation. Jason doesn't believe, want or want to watch her over eat and Trish does it becuz she can't help herself(out of control), knows how Jason(and most others) feel but justifies it becuz it's part of her videos(Mukbangs, etc). Most people don't feel uncomfortable about eating in front of others unless they feel insecure about something they are doing that they perceive as not acceptable(over e...

  • Carly South  4 months ago

    I can tell you what it’s like & it’s absolutely horrifying

  • KittyBlazeClaws MSP  4 months ago

    He says this stuff because Trisha over eats and gets in fits of insecurity and depression after she eats so much as well as gets sick. He explained this in a video awhile back, he went to film her for a swimsuit haul and she was acting all upset about how she feels and looks because she felt heavy and not confident. Idk about you guys but when you watch someone you care about eat a ton and get in bad moods after, you want to try and stop that as much as you can... I understand as when my boyfriend and ...

  • sabrina zalik  26 days ago

    i Rebel that’s a fact and I’m sure this cat was fed tf up at this point

  • i Rebel  26 days ago

    @sabrina zalik doing these things nicely almost never work. It takes someone being blunt but honest to get through to people most of the time in my experience.

  • Lalalala 282  4 months ago

    One word for their relationship....... TOXIC

  • Nola Chick  4 months ago

    It's weird he has so much to say about Trisha's eating habits when he eats crap on Josh's blog and could stand to lose 30 lbs.

  • evzie  4 months ago

    But trisha has an actual eating disorder and an overall unhealthy relationship with food but go off I guess

  • ayy y.  4 months ago

    I don’t know if you’ve seen, he’s trying to better his eating habits , trying to help trish too, but obviously this obesity could end deadly,,,