Kevin Hart Opens Up About Oscars Controversy



  • Mihika Deo
    Mihika Deo  47 minutes ago

    I think nowadays, it's become a trend to take offence to everything.

  • Amina Sheikh1312
    Amina Sheikh1312  2 hours ago

    He apologized isn’t that enough?

  • Sharon Kehs
    Sharon Kehs  2 hours ago

    Kevin Hart you are a honorable classy man that has already done what is right now they need to apologize to you for their ignorance.

  • Pedro Lage
    Pedro Lage  3 hours ago


  • Rise73 G
    Rise73 G  3 hours ago

    The joke was about him raising his son to be a boy..
    People were mad because they feel boys should grow up to be girls.
    Really ..... Whose side is with common sense?

  • Preach Boy Online
    Preach Boy Online  5 hours ago

    Blessings to the people of our world! God is Love!

  • Keeron Gurung
    Keeron Gurung  8 hours ago

    Hi ma’am
    Please invite in your show one of the Nepalese powerful,honest,talented and social worker journalist, if possible he is name is rabi lamichhane journalist of nepal

  • That1GuysPage
    That1GuysPage  8 hours ago

    Is anyone really this insecure in life, to have to have some other person apologize for something they said?

  • Allison Alexis
    Allison Alexis  10 hours ago

    What I wanna know is that, who has the time to scroll through his twitter feed from ten years ago

  • Kayngel
    Kayngel  10 hours ago

    Apology accepted. It's in the past.

  • Moymoy Pumaras
    Moymoy Pumaras  10 hours ago

    Ellen is the best show all over the world!!! More Blessings to come...

  • Brian Kho
    Brian Kho  11 hours ago

    does kevin has a vertiligo?

  • Island Girl
    Island Girl  11 hours ago

    Ellen literally gave Kevin a full 6 minute platform to address this issue, again.....Wow...She never interrupted once! Good for you Kevin...and Ellen!

  • Pavan Kumar
    Pavan Kumar  12 hours ago

    Hey..!! Ellen, this is Pavan from India. After seeing all the videos in youtube i just want to be a part of your show if it possible.

  • Wellicia Miller
    Wellicia Miller  15 hours ago +1

    Meanwhile R.kelly messin with underage girls ..... but what kevin hart said is supposedly offending ppl. I just think there are way more important stuff in this world to be worried or offended about..

  • MultiMillyon
    MultiMillyon  16 hours ago

    It's a joke. He's a COMEDIAN

  • Chad Roberts
    Chad Roberts  18 hours ago

    When will these companies/corporations realize that these SJW's are the small minority with loud voices. Listening to them only hurts their brand/product more then they would loose from the SJW's who already probably don't view/buy their product.

  • ritao22659
    ritao22659  yesterday

    One if not 'his best <3 Am about to celebrate my 60 Ellen <3 "RELATABLE was fantastic ~

  • Phoebe Drazsnzak
    Phoebe Drazsnzak  yesterday

    I love Kevin Hart

  • SlickitySlick
    SlickitySlick  yesterday

    He should still do it !!!!!