Issa Rae Shares Her Best Dating Advice for Men | GQ

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 22, 2018
  • Creator and star of ‘InsecureIssa Rae has dating advice for you: do NOT ghost her.

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    Issa Rae Shares Her Best Dating Advice for Men | GQ


  • Bighou
    Bighou  2 months ago

    Yep, she lost me at 2:44 and I'm not even a broke man. I guess I should just give all my money to strangers right.

  • David Wong
    David Wong  2 months ago

    Wow Issa, you are finnnnne!

  • Jackee G
    Jackee G  2 months ago

    I don't place a person's face over chemistry. Hygiene is VERY important. Teeth, lips, & mouth are my pet peeves. If a person doesn't take care of what you can see, they're probably not taking care of what you can't.  I discovered early in life that being w/someone who is interesting, has a good sense of humor, & has good hygiene (in all areas of life) is essential to me!!!

  • Turner Page
    Turner Page  3 months ago

    This woman is Beautiful!

  • T Hantheco
    T Hantheco  3 months ago

    Man!! Issa is so crazy pretty. Her smile and skin just brighten a room...lawd! This advice was great.

  • Devon Jenkins
    Devon Jenkins  3 months ago

    My Gf look like her..

  • Tori Lee
    Tori Lee  4 months ago

    I love her. Shes so funny and smart

  • Soulstar Musiclover
    Soulstar Musiclover  4 months ago

    Insecure 2020!

  • Dutch Bitch
    Dutch Bitch  5 months ago

    “ imma show up in sweats and a backpack” WHY A BACKPACK 😂

  • Brittnayi juujhgj
    Brittnayi juujhgj  6 months ago +3

    Yo! Issa stating nothing but FACTA🗣 this entire video😂❤️

  • Merciful Daughter
    Merciful Daughter  6 months ago

    Money did justice for Issa 😂 I mean she was a pretty girl before but with money she looks waaay better now 😂

  • shivy pops
    shivy pops  7 months ago

    Loveeee itttttt

  • Johannes Posselt
    Johannes Posselt  7 months ago +2

    You are not "other". Actually you are quite ordinary. The only thing that is "other" about you is how extremely average you are as an average product of pop culture

  • Taylor The Plug
    Taylor The Plug  8 months ago

    I'll find you, I'll find your kids 😂😂

  • Nwright TV
    Nwright TV  8 months ago

    More Issa Rae please

  • J Fito
    J Fito  8 months ago +1

    She wouldn’t go out on another date if he bought his own sandwich lol.. right pretty sure if it was Jason Momoa then she wouldn’t gaf.

  • Djehuti Nutrition
    Djehuti Nutrition  10 months ago

    😂😂😂😂 I love you Issa Rae 😘

  • Jill Kessler
    Jill Kessler  10 months ago +1

    She's absolutely right about the cologne. For myself and several Gen X pals who discussed it, Fahrenheit is the winner. Dudes automatically get hotter wearing it and other similar ones like Pulse. Just my 2 cents.

  • Candis C
    Candis C  10 months ago

    Oh...he's ug.....oh.....he's kinda fine! YEP! that's DEFINITELY TRUE!!!!

  • ttddoogg10
    ttddoogg10  10 months ago

    All women want something different . Guys don’t waste your time just be you and do what he fuawck you want . Get money and you can have any girl you want