The ULeth Snake I'd Warned About

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • Nine days ago, on July 24th, I posted a message to residents of West Lethbridge... "Please watch for rattlesnakes crossing University Drive in the area of the University Stadium. Twice today I have been alerted about a rattlesnake coiled along the northbound curb there. Don’t know what’s compelling this snake to take those risks (assuming it’s just one). We are still in mating season. But if he’s made two attempts, he might make a third." Warning wasn't heeded by those in the driver's seat, and we lost another breeding-aged female


  • Mary Sakal
    Mary Sakal  8 months ago

    How often are the draws, I'm a subscriber, and watch as many videos as I can.

  • Richard Spencer
    Richard Spencer  10 months ago

    CAN a rattle snake kill you ? we have heaps of snakes here in Queensland AU that kill

  • Steve S
    Steve S  a years ago +1

    butyl rubber drop cloth, at any paint store.

  • brenda henderson
    brenda henderson  a years ago +1

    I would like to be in the draw for Sept. Thank you I love how gental you are w/ the skunks there really friendly little critters..

  • ghost rider Daniel

    came here cause i was just out in my shed and saw 3 rattle snake timber;s i got 2 of them and released them but my question is does this mean i have a den of them around my shed lol please add me as well

  • Paul Swanson
    Paul Swanson  a years ago +1

    Please enter me in the next draw.

  • Barbara Powell
    Barbara Powell  a years ago +1

    Please enter me in the draw I really like your video!

  • Eric Sikes
    Eric Sikes  a years ago +1

    Sign me up for the September draw brother, and keep up the good work.

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    kennethlee1966  a years ago +1

    plz enter me into the next draw

  • Brian Helton
    Brian Helton  a years ago +1

    Id like to enter drawing

  • billy T
    billy T  a years ago +1

    Ryan thanks for what you do. I live in Phoenix metro area and over the past 7 of the 11 years i have called the fire station in the area to remove rattlers from my front steps. The are very careful with the snakes and take then to the desert and release them. This is the time of the year they show up do to the heavy rains. there is no need to harm them. there are small children in the area and very important to have the snake removed.
    Thanks again

  • Duncan Armstrong
    Duncan Armstrong  a years ago +1

    Great vids and more importantly great stewardship effort.

    Please add me to your draws.

    In my college days I used to help biologists study and relocate Fox and Hognosed snakes and Mississauga rattlers that upset cottagers around E. Georgian Bay. I was really surprised by the apparent personalities of these three species. All three seemed way more intelligent than I presumed and also way more tolerant of us (people) than we were of them.

    Keep up the great work!

  • jeremy Jones
    jeremy Jones  a years ago +1

    Enter me in for the September contest please! I am in North Carolina and would like to know if you know of ways to make your yard space inviting to possums. They eat ticks and this years tick season has been bad. Last night there was a family of 6 deer in my yard, surely covered in ticks :(. Thanks and I have enjoyed this video and will be watching more!

  • larry long
    larry long  a years ago +1

    New to your Channel… I am a bit of a herb myself I really enjoy your videos

  • Sarah Readey
    Sarah Readey  a years ago +1

    How do you register for the September draw. Yes Of course I want to enter the draw..Your videos are great. You do a service I can not do...Stay safe.

  • TexasTimelapse
    TexasTimelapse  a years ago

    A little message

  • Grant Adamson
    Grant Adamson  a years ago +1

    Hi Ryan! Thanks for all that you do here around the ‘bridge! Love to be in on the next draw too!

  • Cynthia Gonzales
    Cynthia Gonzales  a years ago

    I appreciate you finding a place to let it go. I had a man capture my beautiful skunks and he later told me he drowned them. Ripped his butt and my neighbor and I started taking them in her old truck 2 miles out of town and let them loose like you did.

  • Shirley Debor
    Shirley Debor  a years ago +1

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    Mark Seymour  a years ago +1

    Just discovered your channel, AWESOME! I look forward to seeing more. Please enter me in September's drawing.