Looking At A Burned, Wrecked 2016 Dodge Hellcat At Copart Salvage Auction Walk Around

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 10, 2018
  • In this video we go to copart and look at a few different cars, but the ,main focus was the 2016 hellcat that we wanted for parts but it was damaged way to much and had major undercarriage damage. If you guys like these videos comment below and we can make more in the future. Thank you all so much for watching!

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  • Elijah Mcgee
    Elijah Mcgee  4 months ago

    How mutch was orange mustang nice. Car

  • ReDbAsSbOoSz
    ReDbAsSbOoSz  5 months ago

    11.54 woah

  • Bryan Leslie
    Bryan Leslie  7 months ago

    You need too say what state your on so I may find it too get some parts.

  • Mr.IansteinIsland
    Mr.IansteinIsland  7 months ago

    I want that hellcat engine for my jeep

  • Alan Lamb
    Alan Lamb  7 months ago

    That cat is cooked! That Mustang tho!

    TOPTREK  8 months ago

    Which Copart is this?

  • Md Javed
    Md Javed  8 months ago

    Hello gives me address in places I need skrab car

  • emad moner
    emad moner  8 months ago

    Update ur garage plz

  • GT DZ
    GT DZ  8 months ago

    If you can i buy car at this blays

  • AzenDta lag
    AzenDta lag  9 months ago

    its a mustang

  • dog bounty
    dog bounty  9 months ago

    I love these videos.... I see potential in most cars.

  • Raphael Muchomba
    Raphael Muchomba  9 months ago


  • Phil Thayer
    Phil Thayer  9 months ago

    So many wreaked hellcats....your $$$ dont buy skillz when da boost slaps you!

  • Mustang Boss
    Mustang Boss  9 months ago

    Well you can fix it.

  • Izzie Whizzie Lets Get Bizzi

    Would be useful to mention specs. Like CC e.g..5.0, hp e.g. 707, eng. Config. e.g. v8, also you need a fluffy mic. So you don't get wind noise on the vid

  • curtiscoleman@gmail.com coleman
    coleman  9 months ago +1

    I like the videos thank s a lot bro put more up please

  • shawn carr
    shawn carr  10 months ago

    First off I seen u guys doing way everything wrong in this video not checking the oil or tranny flued before starting them then u see they have stuff sealed up for reasons and u guys open it up anyways I sure hope copart sees u guys doing that shit

    AMERICANGLITCHER  10 months ago

    If you’re not going to buy if why waste peoples time buy cutting the tape it was put there for a reason to keep the engine “clean”

  • Lundy Mom
    Lundy Mom  10 months ago +1

    There's a channel that is rebuilding a restored 2016 hellcat... If you like rebuilds this is a must see!
    DIY GANG 👇

  • Claes Malmqvist
    Claes Malmqvist  10 months ago +1

    De förstör ju bildelarna, sliter sönder luftburken, drar sönder fram stötfångare på Röda Mustangen, de ska inte vara på en bilskrot, dessa bilar har udda delar, svårt att få tag i, så sliter de sönder det än mer? Illa