Guess Who's A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut



  • Pen0lz
    Pen0lz  8 hours ago

    This is so embarrassing... Alexa play despacito

  • MajorClapped
    MajorClapped  9 hours ago

    Who else thought an Amazon Echo was hosting?

  • Under God
    Under God  16 hours ago

    For the two black people I felt racist and I still do

  • I Do Captions
    I Do Captions  2 days ago

    this is so cute... Alexa, play Beyonce Lemonade

  • cutelilmochi95
    cutelilmochi95  3 days ago

    Who else is watching the video again to see how the couple's reacted when they were paired with someone else?

  • cutelilmochi95
    cutelilmochi95  3 days ago

    Imagine you and ur crush in this guessing game and someone guessed both of u together!!!

  • maya(I'm deleting this channel later)

    This is kind of not really relevant at all, there aren’t any gays or lesbians in the lineup. Not a very good choice

  • P&B - Preto e Branco
    P&B - Preto e Branco  4 days ago +1

    she reminds me of Kara from Detroit: Become Human

  • Noelle Meyer
    Noelle Meyer  4 days ago

    does anybody know what Alexa’s Instagram is??

  • Random Lamb6
    Random Lamb6  5 days ago

    Hmmmmmmmmm heterosexual aren't we

  • DaRk MiSt
    DaRk MiSt  5 days ago

    Two black woman? One is a man...

  • French
    French  5 days ago

    What's wrong with the guessers arm where the rips are my bro ain't got no shoulder😐😮

  • Ambii Tunes
    Ambii Tunes  5 days ago

    Hollllllup. so the person i thought was a black man was actually a black woman???????

  • Linds Tee
    Linds Tee  6 days ago

    not gonna lie I was hoping for a gay couple

  • kiko Isaak
    kiko Isaak  6 days ago

    I wonder how many of them broke up?

    PUGHIE  6 days ago

    Alexa, play *Africa by Toto*

  • Kylee Paige
    Kylee Paige  6 days ago

    the really tall guys face didn’t fit his body at all. like he looks really young to be that tall. and his eyes were really small. like his entire head didn’t fit his body.

  • Oli Jay
    Oli Jay  6 days ago

    I would just be like "I'm gonna assume everybody's gay whoops"

  • Leo ZHANG
    Leo ZHANG  7 days ago

    It would be so surprising when 2 men or women were standing next to each other

  • Kamaria Cystrunk
    Kamaria Cystrunk  8 days ago

    Nope you already have 10Million, and it doesnt really help you you if you threaten people to SUBSCRIBE to your channel by deleting someones account. I know it was a joke so calm down. Just had to say. Plus I have my rights.