Aaron Rodgers speaks out about President Trump, LeBron James and NFL Protests | High Noon | ESPN

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre break down Aaron Rodgers speaking out about President Donald Trump, LeBron James, and the NFL protests.

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  • Todd google
    Todd google  a months ago

    I could care less about what these millionaires think.

  • Megamans64
    Megamans64  a years ago

    Love how Trump tolls these idiot celebs and entertainers. Best Prez. to ever sit in that office!

  • Nick Johnsen
    Nick Johnsen  a years ago

    Aaron Rodgers loves that black cock in his face in the locker room

  • Darryl C
    Darryl C  a years ago

    Is ESPN still a sports channel? Why would anyone waste their precious time one pathetic race baiting ESPN? Sorry but I really don't need some pathetic response but it's hilarious when you do!

  • Travis Sorenson
    Travis Sorenson  a years ago

    Sad when it’s up to professional sport players to show class and be the bigger man and not the president of the United States.

  • Sauvage Ascension
    Sauvage Ascension  a years ago

    President Devil Trump reading from David Duke scripts as usual.

  • Andrew West
    Andrew West  a years ago

    First, Trump should direct the armed forces to stop buying ads on NFL games ($50 million/year). I watch a few nfl teams each season. I pay for that. This season, if any team allows a player to disrespect the flag and law enforcement, I will no longer watch that team.

    This is America's response to these Democrat ass-holes. The "game" is a performance we pay for. Idiots that take a knee are worse than disruptive idiots at a movie theater. We paid for the movie. WE pay for the game and their salaries. Protest ON YOUR OWN TIME.

    It is NOT about free speech, it's about respect. You kneel, we #WalkAway

  • Murf Kuhls
    Murf Kuhls  a years ago

    Kneeling is a FUCKING DISGRACE!!

  • Ben Mangrum
    Ben Mangrum  a years ago

    Just end the anthem protests

  • 4 Fake
    4 Fake  a years ago

    The black dude is such a beta male

  • jim rogers
    jim rogers  a years ago


  • Ryan ashe
    Ryan ashe  a years ago +3

    I wonder if people at home sports bars all across the world stand when the anthem is played or is that a form of disrespect also

    NAKA YUBI  a years ago +2

    The NFL being completely destroyed by politics from within. Sad but true. RIP

  • King Yellowman
    King Yellowman  a years ago


  • Tony The tiger
    Tony The tiger  a years ago +1

    Aaron Rodgers should worry about football and leave politics alone. The guy is obviously trash and lashing back like this isn’t the answer. Let this guy do his job stop critiquing his every move. This is getting old. Wake up America he’s going to be there until the end of his term. Nothing we can do now. Blame the simpleminded fools who voted this jack wagon into office. Fact of the matter Lebron, Aaron, anybody United we stand divided we fall, we’re all in this together....

  • plantation free
    plantation free  a years ago

    Its amazing how a Black man will get chastised by the democratic plantation for calling himself a free black man,
    But will get praised to high heaven for telling the world that he is a slave.

    THE DEMOCRATIC PLANTATION IS REAL. Kanye tried to tell you dummies

  • Brando
    Brando  a years ago

    Rodgers didn't call him a clown. So I doubt Trump will respond to him.

  • Preston Chandler
    Preston Chandler  a years ago

    Im smaaart!

  • T. Duncan
    T. Duncan  a years ago

    Lebron benches white kid on sons team after trump tweet tells him to go play golf or Tennis! Link

  • hillock10
    hillock10  a years ago +2

    Have any of these wise-guy athletes served our country?  Have any of them gone to a VA hospital and talked to those who risked their lives and suffered terrible injuries?  Do they have any idea at all of the sacrifices made by American soldiers for the flag and so they can become rich and ignorant?  Earth to Lebron and to Rogers: 58,000 died in Nam and 1.4 million gave their life for our country and the flag, so you have the right to open your big mouths and make fools of yourself.  Trump is right.  You don't disrespect our flag and anthem!  Period.  Veteran of the Viet Nam War