Dustin Poirier, Javier Mendez, Owen Roddy [Episode 7/Hour 2] | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show | ESPN

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • Dustin Poirier kicks off Hour 2 to reveal how his matchup with Nate Diaz came to be, breaks down his big win over Eddie Alvarez and predicts Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor. Nurmagomedov’s trainer (17:40) Javier Mendez discusses getting Khabib ready to fight McGregor, plus updates on the stars of AKA: Daniel Cormier, Luke Rockhold and Cain Velasquez. Conor McGregor’s striking coach (38:25) Owen Roddy gives his expectations for a fight with Khabib and provides an update on Conor’s training camp.

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  • Stoney Lonsome
    Stoney Lonsome  a years ago

    It's so bogus to try and claim Jon only beat DC because of dope- the amount they found in his system wouldn't have given anyone an advantage- and that's a quote directly from USADA. Extreme weigh cutting and showing up 10 pounds heavier than your opponenet gives you as much or more advantage as any PED but, no one cares about that- it's not only allowed, the fans ignore it as well. The truth is that the only ppl who really think dope is why Jon beat DC are these super sensitive types that can't stand to see someone they deem a "bad person" have any success- it throws their whole concept of justice and the good guy always winning right out the window- and they can't handle that. But the UFC isn't about who the better man is, it's about who the better fighter is- and that's Jon Jones in this case- period.

  • Chainy Rabbit
    Chainy Rabbit  a years ago +1

    I was there when Conor attacked the bus. And I saw Owen Roddy, with my own eyes!!!!!!!

  • Din ful of sin
    Din ful of sin  a years ago +1

    i like Javier's honesty . he's not just saying khabib will just walk threw Conor and can beat him everywhere. i like both of these fighters but i like Conor a little more and understand that if this goes past the second round ,its khabib all week long. i do think there's a good chance Conor catches him in the first 2 rounds. i cant wait to see this fight.

  • afficial83
    afficial83  a years ago +1

    Espn sucks mole nuts

  • onone
    onone  a years ago +2

    Damn! Ariel is nosy. It's none of his business why Poirier was going to Jersey. But then again, I guess that's what makes him such a good interviewer.

  • Beer Wings
    Beer Wings  a years ago

    Javier Mendez mentions at the end of the interview that Cain seems to be good to go, so why not set up a fight with him and Jones at heavyweight? For sure that would be a main event big enough for MSG ;) I can imagine that getting a lot of people excited and would come as quite a shock in the best way possible.

  • Robert Cobklin
    Robert Cobklin  a years ago

    I can't believe thats all they keep saying Khabib gets hit in every fight. Well so does Connor or do we not point that out? Connor also gets taken down in most of his fights at least once. Connor can catch Khabib but the chances that Connor will KO Khabib with 1 punch is astronomically low. In my personal opinion I think this fight will be back and forth for about 2 minutes and then Khabib takes over

  • Aidan DeFrancesco
    Aidan DeFrancesco  a years ago

    Khabibs getting KOd

  • Eugene McCoy
    Eugene McCoy  a years ago

    Khabib will smash Connor

  • 94mm
    94mm  a years ago +1

    is light heavyweight the weakest division in the UFC?

  • 94mm
    94mm  a years ago +1

    I wish the UFC was about fighting instead of money..

  • KnygnešyS
    KnygnešyS  a years ago


  • Jimmy S
    Jimmy S  a years ago +3

    Man you think Javier Mendez was Connor McGregor’s coach the way he was giving him so much praise.. he basically said “if Khabib doesn’t take him down he’s screwed” lol

  • Salman Waheed
    Salman Waheed  a years ago +4

    Javier Mendez hands down smart well rounded coach/person no wonder he got so many champions in his stable

  • Foster Fong
    Foster Fong  a years ago

    espn looks like they film in 360p even tho its 720 wtf..

  • Adam Coyne
    Adam Coyne  a years ago

    Fuck ESPN.

  • Billy C
    Billy C  a years ago

    For me it’s the same. Not sure what everyone’s beef is with the show. The only thing I don’t like is I’m not really sure how to watch the show live. With that said, it was very rare that I watched any of the show live anyway so I watch the interviews I’m interested in on Tuesday and Wednesday on you tube. I saw mma juice saying they are having are not able to stream it internationally. Is that mainly live that you are talking about as it seems it would be easy enough to watch it on you tube for anyone, anywhere

  • Do MORE
    Do MORE  a years ago

    Great Interview

  • Alex Zamora
    Alex Zamora  a years ago +3


  • Tong BokeZ
    Tong BokeZ  a years ago +1

    jones vs gus is that madison sq garden main event maybe?