Cut for Time: Cars - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 1, 2018


  • valerie
    valerie  8 months ago +1697


  • Just River
    Just River  2 months ago +295

    "Shut the ** up you ***** piece of ****"
    "I wish my dad was here...."

  • Liberty City El
    Liberty City El  8 months ago +632

    This is 100% a Kyle Mooney sketch, he's obsessed with the cheesiness of 90's sitcoms.

  • Cowabungas
    Cowabungas  4 months ago +311

    The "boys rule!" ending killed me. Lesson unlearned lol

  • MrTayloreh
    MrTayloreh  8 months ago +723

    The constant cursing is the best in this. So out of place. I am crying laughing

  • Michael Evanko
    Michael Evanko  8 months ago +342

    This is literally a full house episode lol. Like word for word

  • 410Ericc
    410Ericc  4 months ago +192

    Absurdism at its finest. The completely random cursing and irrelevant B roll stuff was perfect 👌

  • J Cobbs
    J Cobbs  8 months ago +2142

    Cut for time? Or straight to internet? With Kyle involved there's an 87% chance.

  • Eric Warwick
    Eric Warwick  8 months ago +191

    Can we please start a petition to have these sketches more frequently. I don’t care if I have to watch them on YouTube, I just want more.

  • Mimi Knowles
    Mimi Knowles  5 months ago +182

    The establishing shots are wild lol an igloo, an anthill, a cowboy?? 💀

  • Jason Mellone
    Jason Mellone  8 months ago +149

    Did no one else notice that was the full house episode when Michelle was gonna race and aunt Becky helped

  • Heyit'smec
    Heyit'smec  6 months ago +175

    We really just gonna ignore that the derby is in their backyard with no other people lmfao

  • Aaron C
    Aaron C  4 months ago +205

    SNL is cutting the wrong sketches
    Air this as opposed to the next 50+ political sketches you have planned

  • Joshua Josey
    Joshua Josey  8 months ago +131

    Leave it to Lorne Michaels to be out of touch with the current audience and cut some of the best comedy bits on this show. We want more material like this!

  • Charlie Biologist
    Charlie Biologist  4 months ago +58

    That ending had a very Adult Swim short sketch vibe tbh

  • Pozzy Thump
    Pozzy Thump  yesterday +1

    hey, um... "Valerie." Cutting the sketch was part of the humour. Did you not get that? Did you get any of it? It would explain it all to you, but where's the value in that?

  • sundaywgeorge
    sundaywgeorge  8 months ago +19

    The first time Kyle smashed that glass over Beck’s head I completely spit out my drink I swear

  • dpaul89
    dpaul89  8 months ago +43

    I love the 90s sitcom parodies, they do it so well!!

  • Maddie Kerr
    Maddie Kerr  8 months ago +36


  • Need More Input
    Need More Input  8 months ago +25

    This had me rolling, whyyyy was this cut for time?!