12 Most Incredible And Unexpected Finds

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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    Have you ever put something down and then gone to pick it back up again ten minutes later, only to find it's disappeared? Sometimes things stay missing for a very long time, and then turn up in the last place anyone would think of looking for them! Here are some of the strangest cases of lost and found items in our history.

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  • Bigsmiffy
    Bigsmiffy  22 hours ago

    I hate that saying, it's always in the last place you look ,OBVIOUSLY because you have found what your looking for,!!!

  • J K
    J K  2 days ago

    It is countach

  • Botond Kelemen
    Botond Kelemen  6 days ago

    Its countach not countak

  • Jim Knight
    Jim Knight  7 days ago

    Erm Germany started losing the war in 1942 that was when The British won major battles after battles against them!

  • Hayden Larkby
    Hayden Larkby  7 days ago +1

    This dude sucks at making videos jeez

  • Abhishek Golsar
    Abhishek Golsar  7 days ago

    Chandrayan 1 😍

  • Cole Jo
    Cole Jo  7 days ago +1

    The rocket could have been Shreks other house because it’s by a swamp

  • Jacob Tella
    Jacob Tella  7 days ago

    contoc XD

  • James Okari
    James Okari  7 days ago

    i was digging african toilet i discovered something someone explained to me even now,i need someone to show me what it is really

    PIMP SlAPPED  14 days ago +1

    Sooo you going to lose subs for that one nazi’s unfortunately lost the war wooooow

  • rye williams 123
    rye williams 123  14 days ago


  • Maçã Verde
    Maçã Verde  14 days ago

    At least the wine won't get bombed.

  • Maçã Verde
    Maçã Verde  14 days ago

    You start with nazis? I like it.

  • SaLtY_Bluechay025 YT

    Mans said the lamborghini wrong

  • damekids
    damekids  14 days ago

    countauck? Really bruh. It's one of the most famous cars in the world, have done background research and still didn't say it right???

  • Ajinkya Gauns
    Ajinkya Gauns  21 days ago

    Still orbiting 😯

  • TheTonker
    TheTonker  21 days ago

    But russian space comrades are cosmonauts not astronauts

  • nivedita mitra
    nivedita mitra  21 days ago

    You spell it incorrect it is chandrayaan

  • Unknown Shadows
    Unknown Shadows  21 days ago

    I have a rock similar to the one the women had is their anyway I can find out more about it?? I’m from Tennessee not many research places around???

  • Andres Vargas
    Andres Vargas  21 days ago

    talking about the state of michigan and then they show a pic of michigan avenue in downtown chicago dumbasses