Rebuilding A Wrecked 2013 Nissan GTR Part 4

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 7, 2019
  • This is one of our fastest rebuilds we have ever done! However, once we take it from a salvage GTR to a rebuilt road worthy vehicle, we have some big things planned for it. This 2013 Nissan GTR is like no other and we cant wait to show you guys what we do to it. Be sure to subscribe and follow along for this awesome journey!!!-GOONZQUAD HOODIES: A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC: Song: LiQWYD - Explore (Vlog No Copyright Music)Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.Video Link: JayJen - Imaginary (Vlog No Copyright Music)Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.Video Link: MBB - Palm Trees (Vlog No Copyright Music)Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.Video Link:


  • Andrew Kakavoulas
    Andrew Kakavoulas  6 months ago +316

    Came for mustang rebuilt, stayed for the great content! Nice job!

  • Jamie Marion's
    Jamie Marion's  6 months ago +64

    WELDING TIPS!!!! First off great job guys. I've watched almost all of your builds and it's great how you guys make wrenching entertaining. Now to the welding tips.... it's easy once you get the hang of it and yall definitely have a good idea of how it works but here are a couple of things to help get you closer to that perfect bead.
    Technique: there are many techniques you can use but when learning or adjusting your machine it's best to use a standard straight drag method. Don't go backwards when mig welding mild steel. The forward and back motion is called whip and pause and is used in stick welding with certain rods to help preheat the metal in front of the bead.
    Nozzle angle: while holdingnthe nozzle straight with the joint tilt the nozzle at about a 15-20 degree angle. From the video yall are around a 45.
    Stickout: this is the measurement of wire between the tip and the metal. Holding the Nozzle closer to the metal will create more heat and give a flatter bead. Holding the nozzle further away will reduce heat and create a taller bead. Trick is to find that sweet spot.
    Shielding gas: look through your manuals and find the suggested regulator setting for the machine. Too much gas is just as bad as not enough.
    Thanks again for the videos and Yall keep killing it. if you have anymore questions feel free to reach out.

  • bosoares
    bosoares  6 months ago +250

    The red bumper against that carbon fiber hood looks so good I wish you’d paint the whole car red. You’ve done multiple black cars already. Red GT-R would be sweet.

  • Childish Galpino
    Childish Galpino  6 months ago +42

    I’ve been subbed for ages I still have no idea what your guys names are lmao

  • Aatreya katiyar
    Aatreya katiyar  6 months ago +20 an Indian car enthusiast
    if y'all know....indian government banned any car modifications
    watching goonzquad build this just makes me feel really good (and feel really bad about myself)....

  • Gary H
    Gary H  6 months ago +103

    Thomas needs to be put on some merchandise 👍👍

    RJF SCOOTER  5 months ago +4

    220-221 what ever it takes! (MISTER MOM)

  • iNeverHad Mercy
    iNeverHad Mercy  6 months ago +2

    From the Big 3 to the Overseas...... Goonzquad rep the CAR game 🏆🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🍻

  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok  6 months ago +3

    Plzz keep the hood clear carbon, it looks so good!

  • Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson  6 months ago +1

    What a crazy amount of work to align the hood!
    Go for slotted rotors, better than drilled and won't crack.

  • Halfshark
    Halfshark  6 months ago +88

    Boys i hope you're keeping great pics of all your builds.. it would be great to have a goonzquad car calendar for next year with killer pics of all of your builds!!! I'd buy like 3!

  • Riz2k17
    Riz2k17  6 months ago +1

    Congrats to 800k subs guys! Road to 1mil lesss goo!💕

    RJF SCOOTER  6 months ago +2

    Thomas calls “THE LIP” a chin spoiler!

  • Rican Bee
    Rican Bee  6 months ago +1

    The Viber is scream and black racing stripes!! Think about it new owner new car look lol.. but anyway 🙋🏽‍♂️👍🏽🎥

  • Alexis Astrie
    Alexis Astrie  6 months ago +1

    Looking for that unboxing? Watch the whole thing then, its Goonzquad, worth every second!

  • Marouxi
    Marouxi  6 months ago +123

    Did you remeber to buy that shop Fire extinguisher and first aid kit yet? You'll be needing it especially now that you've got a high end welder! Don't procrastinate... Do It, you're spending tons of money for stuff which could all go up in smoke one day!

  • Emmanuel Oni
    Emmanuel Oni  7 days ago

    BRO, where do these dudes work? I know YouTube doesn't pay that much for them to dedicate their income on a rebuild. I'm proud of these cats, regardless.

  • Zac Holding
    Zac Holding  1 months ago

    it shouldn't be oem it should be oge [ original goonsquad edition ]

  • Dustin Hansen
    Dustin Hansen  6 months ago +1

    VVivid makes some 4D carbon vinyl that would match up well with the Seibon Hood.

  • Rodolfo Flores
    Rodolfo Flores  6 months ago +1

    Im a new subscriber, I'm really enjoying what you guys are about. Keep up the great work.